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 and Lucy wrote2 days, 16 hours ago

Lucy is home from the hospital.  I have NO real diagnosis as to why she was throwing up.  The Vet ran tests, did blood work, and put Lucy on anti-biotiics, anti- nausea medications and she improved.  Lucy used to be very muscular in 2017 but lost weight rapidly...she went from 23 pounds down to 18 pounds.  She NEVER gained any weight.  I took Lucy to more than one Vet since 2017 tofind out why...but never got any answers.  This time she also weighed on 18 pounds...but the Vet cannot tell me why she is stiill so thin.  I got a bit angry and it is frustrating to have no answers.  I got a bill for $700 but still Lucy remainds very thin.

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 and Sasha wrote3 days, 15 hours ago

Prayers for Misha....

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 and Sasha wrote1 week, 2 days ago

I feel so sad for you... I know what it is to have one of the cats not feeling right... It is very hurtful...

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 and Golden Haired Dancer Thornbury Victoria, Australia wrote1 week, 3 days ago

Dear Lyuba, thinking of you and your dear cat!

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 and MollyCat - wrote1 week, 6 days ago

Hi Sis, not sure when you'll leave to visit your family, but I hope you have a wonderful time. Please be safe and have fun. Big hugggggssssssss.

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 and MollyCat - wrote2 weeks, 2 days ago

Hi Sweet Sister Lyubov, I am so happy you are going to visit your father and aunties. I always think about hearing all of you singing when you go to see all of them. Do you use a mask?  Please, wear a mask, especially on the train. You probably already know, the droplets can remain suspended in the air for two hours. It's for you and your older family members. I know you already know this stuff, but I have to be motherly once in a while. The number of cases is low in our area, but is still too high in bigger cities. Places like Florida and Texas are seeing increases in numbers. Please be careful.
Helen is an Angel. Misha will be in excellent care. It doesn't get any better than that. Sad that Misha will hide from her. I hope she knows Misha's favorite hiding places. Will Sasha be going with you?
Mom cut some of our flowers Sunday and we took them to K & S house for Father's Day. Steve is a big guy and he is plenty tough, but he has a soft side, that I dearly love, and he enjoys the flowers too. So, we took him flowers for Fathers Day. They were a very deep red, almost burgundy or maroon and gorgeous.
We are going to weed Mom's little private garden this afternoon. It r

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 and * ~ Daisy M ~ * wrote3 weeks ago

Awwww bless em 😕 I bet they don’t in their fur coats 😕 my fur babies don’t like the heat either but I can’t function in the cold 🥶🥰😘

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 and MollyCat - wrote3 weeks ago

Hi Sis Lyubov, It sounds like you are progressing in your studies and that you have working so very hard. It is harder in the heat too. How is Sasha and her sunburn?  Has she been able to start her project? I hope so.
We have noticed that Eli and Molly are not eating as much since it is so warm. That is amazing for Molly. She would eat all of the time if we would feed her. As you know, we have tried to put her on a diet and been unsuccessful. She does lay out on the bare floor looking like she is cooling herself. Eli still lays on his bed. He doesn't seem to overheat but he is eating less too. 
I'll be driving to Indianapolis tomorrow for a Dr appointment. The drive is over an hour each way. I am working with a nutritionist to help with diet and I am required to see a physician too. That will be in the morning. Will write more soon. Hugggssssss.

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 and Odin wrote3 weeks ago

Hi Lyuba, the other one decided to disappear, she was away for 2 nights before she was hungry enough to come back. Fortunately not repeated since


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 and * ~ Daisy M ~ * wrote3 weeks ago

Evening :) I'm jealous of ur temperatures. it's muggy here and very wet :( xx

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