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 and Lucy wrote1 day, 17 hours ago

We may get some thunderstorms today and if it rains  it may help reduce the amount of amoke in the air.  I have some serious health issues so I stay inside.  If I do have to go out I need a mask.

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 and Sasha wrote4 days, 18 hours ago

Not happy with the family doctor test because my sugar and cholestrol are up and I know that I probably did this myself as my diet changed with the darn virus.... I will have to pay more attention as I do not want to go on pills...  My RA rates on the other hand are  fantastic.....

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 and Rainbow Moonstone wrote1 week ago

hi lovely hope you had a good day, i will catch you tomorrow, sleep well, big hugs oxoxoxoxoxo

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 and MollyCat - wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Hi Sweet Sis, Most of us can feel compassion for broken hearts. Dear Sasha had hers too. I hope for sweet, healing love for our girls. Montana has a lot to learn about how to talk to people or maybe I should say how NOT to talk to people. Her mom (Steve's first wife) died when Montana was 8 months old. Montana is still in a lot of pain from this. I can only imagine what it must be like for her.
Sasha's painting sounds amazing and extremely creative. What a wonderful mind she has. I can't wait to see it. Tell her to take her time, don't rush. I wish it would be on canvas so it would exist forever. 
I feel sad for your little student who doesn't remember his lessons. I hope it all comes back quickly. It sounds like learning is a struggle for him.
The census work will end in a couple of weeks. I appreciate the work and the extra money, but I dislike the work very much. The work is not tiring at all but it is extremely frustrating. There are a few questions that are asked when we do the census and many people are hostile. They can refuse to answer any questions and many do refuse. Some are absolute jerks, slam the door or don't answer the door. I am very grateful for a f

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 and Chloe wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Good evening Lyuba.  It has been a cool day here today,  We had about 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours yesterday.  We sure needed i and the plant all perked up after.  Just goy back from Maine again.  This time had an appt to look at an RV for sale in a park.  Living room, kitchen, full bath, bedroom and a glassed in Florida room.  Seasonal. May to Oct.  A bit pricey, but may make an offer.  3 miles from the ocean,  good chance for some fun and relaxation and a good investment.  Hard decision.  Haven't gotten out flu shots yet, soon though.  Guess it depends on who you listen to about the virus.  One says Oh, it's gettng better.  The other says we will need to buckle down again.  Did you see the pics from the fires in Oregon and California?  Skys are orange, and they say it is now some of the worst air in the world becauseof the fires.  Hope they get them under control soon.  Quite a few people have died or had to leave their homes.  Take care and have a good night.

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 and Chloe wrote1 week, 2 days ago

Wonder have you gotten any results on your test that were done a few weeks ago?  Hope all is well.  How are the kitties doing?  Cats really seem to enjoy naps.  Mine lay out on the deck in the shade and rest most of the day.  Suppose so theycan be awake all night.  They seem to want to come in now, but as soon as they get in, they want out again.  They will be miserable when the snow flies and they have to stay in!  Take care and have a good day.

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 and MollyCat - wrote1 week, 4 days ago

Hi Sis, It is great to hear of your family. I am happy to hear that they are all doing well. Isn't it sweet that people come to help you Aunt Lydia? I love that so many people are willing to volunteer to help each other, now matter where or who we are. I hope her surgery is a big success and that she does well. I've heard that it can be challenging to get through it, but that the reward is great. I'm sure that she is a strong, determined woman like you. I can understand your father's concerns. Maybe he is right, maybe not. How could we even know?  I hope he is careful as you suggest. When we do go out, it is common to see most women with masks and several men without them. I can't tell who is worse, older or younger guys. I think the younger guys think they are super-human. So far, Kelly and Steve are feeling well and have no fever or other symptoms, thankfully. Today is their first day back to work since yesterday was Labor Day. It will be interesting to learn the conditions of their work place. K & S are careful to wear masks and gloves at work. Kelly ships a lot of items so she is handling stuff from all employees and she us super careful. 
College kids have gone back to ca

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 and Chloe wrote1 week, 4 days ago

Good morning.  Nice day here, 80/26 for a high this afternoon.  The cook out on Sunday went well.  They played horse shoes, but Im afraid they weren't very good at it. My husband, Ned, found an old pogo stick in the garage and the girls had fun with that.  My drive way is a covered in chalk drawings.  Was nice to get together.  Kids are suppose to go back to school tomorrow.  I/m hearing that two teachers from the next town over have been exposed to the virus and the teachers from another town have said they will not go back for fear of this.  Getting the impression this is not going to work out yet.  Hope your classes are going well.  Hope you and the kitties are all well.  Take care and have a good day.

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 and MollyCat - wrote1 week, 6 days ago

Dear Sister Lyubov, Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. K & S did come over today and said they both are still feeling great. Kelly took temperatures before leaving home and both were very good. I am so grateful. There have been too many close calls of this darn disease. I was nearly sick yesterday when Kelly called and said what had happened. She feels like they are both fine, but they are continuing to monitor themselves closely.
I can't wait to see Sasha's new artwork. She is such a talent. I have enjoyed all the paintings she has done so far. She'll continue to get better and better as long as she stays with it. I hope that she will.  I am not working today or tomorrow. Thank heavens. I am so glad you have had your flu shots. I realize it doesn't keep anyone completely free from risk of covid, but it does decrease the likelihood and helps decrease severity if it is caught. Big, warm, fluffy hugggggsssss.

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 and MollyCat - wrote2 weeks ago

Hi Sis, thank you for your support and encouragement. It is wonderful to hear your story too. Your story is very interesting. You are amazing to be able to hold onto that weight loss like you did. It is very difficult when the weight is lost quickly like that. I have lost quickly too many times and regain quickly also. It is coming off slowly this time and I am hopeful. I don't know how anyone loses weight with low thyroid condition. It must be impossible. You do take medicine to help with it a little, right? I remember you mentioning it previously. You don't appear to be much overweight at all. It is so common to go up a little as we age. There won't be any more news about Sasha until the 18th, is that right. I hope there is an easy suggestion for her pain.
Kelly called today and said that they have a case of covid in their workplace. She was angry and frustrated. Their workplace is small and only has about 25 people. Steve and one other guy are the two supervisors. They check every person each morning for fever. One woman didn't come in Friday morning as she had been tested and was positive. Come to find out that she had been coughing for several days and did not take her tem

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