To attract wildlife, you first need to click here to create yourself a Garden!
Welcome to The Fairyland Wildlife Guide!

This Guide will tell you all you need to know about attracting/spotting all the different types of Fairyland wildlife!

To attract wildlife to your Garden:

  • Grow the right plants to attract it (this Guide tells you which plants attract which wildlife)
  • Leave the right type of food out for it (on the right feeding table)
  • Come back tomorrow to see what wildlife visited, and whether anyone spotted it!

To spot wildlife in other Gardens:

  • Find a Garden to hunt in (you can find Gardens advertised in this Guide)
  • Water any plant in the Garden
  • If any wildlife is there when you water, it will pop out!
  • If you wish, you can leave a friendly message for the garden owner to say you dropped by, before moving on to the next Garden for a sprinkle!

Each wildlife picture in this Guide will turn full colour when it has been spotted in your Garden and you have spotted it in another Garden.

Finally, further help and some very useful tips are available on the in the Help & Advice section below!

Good Luck!

Help & Advice
For each type of Fairyland Wildlife the following information is available:

Tells you which types of food it eats. If you wish to attract this type of wildlife, you must leave out the right food for it!
How To Attract
For most types of wildlife, you must grow the right types of plants to attract them to your garden. Important: plants have zero attraction power when they are still growing or if they are wilting.
How To Keep Out
If you want to deter a certain type of wildlife from entering your Garden, there are sometimes certain plants that can help you (again, they will not have any effect when still growing or wilting.) These plants aren't 100% guaranteed to prevent that type of wildlife from entering your garden, but will certainly reduce the chances of it coming.
Staying Time
This tells you how long this type of wildlife usually stays in your Garden feeding. This is the time during which it can be spotted - the shorter the average length of stay, the harder it will be to spot!
Common or Rare?
Gives you an idea of whether this type of wildlife is common or rare in Fairyland, and therefore how difficult it is to attract. Even if you have all the right plants/food in your Garden, it may still take a few attempts to attract the rare ones, and even more attempts to actually spot them!
Reward If Spotted
Whenever wildlife is spotted, there is a Diamond reward! The amount of Diamonds earned depends upon the difficulty of spotting that type of wildlife (so for example, rarer ones which only stay for short periods of time will earn the most Diamonds when spotted.)

The Diamonds are awarded to both the spotter, and also to the Garden Owner (unless you spot it in your own Garden - in which case you only get the reward once rather than twice!)

Additionally, if this is the first time this particular type of wildlife has been spotted in this Garden, the Diamond reward is doubled! For any wildlife which visits your Garden without being spotted, there is no reward.

General Tips and Advice
  • Friends: Wildlife can only be spotted when a plant is watered, so the more friends you have helping out in your Garden around the clock, the higher the chance that the wildlife you attract will be spotted. Encourage your friends to join Fairyland so you can help spot wildlife in each others Gardens!

  • Patience: It will take time, effort, patience, skill and luck to attract/spot all the different types of wildlife, so please don't expect to be able to do it all in the first week or even month! The achievement of eventually spotting the rarest animals will be worth it :)

  • Doubling Up Flowers: Growing multiple of the same flower will increase the overall attraction power. You will need to do this to attract the rarer wildlife!

  • Doubling Up Food: You can have up to 2 feeding tables in your Garden. You can choose to leave the same food out on each if you're concentrating on attracting one particular type of wildlife, or you can have them working independently of each other with different food types for different types of wildlife.

  • Using The Right Feeding Table: Using the correct feeding table is very important! Many wildlife can only reach the low table - so you won't get them visiting if you only have their food out on the raised tables. But if the wildlife you're trying to attract is able to feed from either table, then it's often best to use the raised one, because the competition from other wildlife will be less (for example, neither white mice nor pygmy mice can reach the raised table.) [Hint: All Mythological wildlife can feed from either table, so to increase your chances, always use the raised table when trying to attract them!]

  • Timing: There's no point in having expensive food in your Garden if you don't time it with the right flowers to attract interesting wildlife - it will just be eaten by mice!

  • Keeping Out Mice: Magical Mushrooms (when "Fully Grown" - but not when "Ready For Harvest") will help to deter mice from your Garden (with varying degrees of effectiveness.) The other thing you must do is to grow the right plants to ensure maximum attraction for other animals.

  • Your Own Garden: You can spot wildlife in your own Garden, but you only get the reward once. It is credited to your "Wildlife spotted in your Garden" total, but not to your "Wildlife spotted in other Gardens" total.

  • Concentrate Your Efforts: If you plant lots of different flowers, trying to attract lots of different wildlife at once, you may find that the attraction power for each type of wildlife is so weak that you end up only attracting mice! So focus your efforts on attracting one type of wildlife at a time by growing several of the plants which attract it. (Remember that to attract some types of wildlife, you may find that you also need to grow plants to help keep other wildlife out!)

  • Planning Ahead: Remember that plants have zero effect (positive or negative) while still growing, so while you are attracting one type of wildlife, you can already start growing plants in preparation for the next thing you want to try attracting (a good idea if it's a long-growing bonsai!)

  • Growing/Wilting Plants: Plants have zero attraction effect while they are in their initial growth phase, or while they are wilting. They only have effect when fully grown or ready for harvest.

Coming Soon...
There will be lots more types of wildlife coming to Fairyland soon... stay tuned!