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Can be first attracted at Garden Level 1

Veggies, Tropical Fruits
(Low feeding table only)
How To Attract
Tortoises are attracted by the fruit of the Fructus Randomus. The rarer the fruit, the more likely the tortoise will come!
How To Keep Out
Unlikely to visit your Garden if there's a Bellis Lycaena flowering.
Average Visit Time
55 - 60 minutes
Common or Rare?
Reward If Spotted
3 Diamonds
Item Dropped (Every 10th you spot in other Gardens)
A Forest Sapphire seed
Recently Missed In
4 minutes, 48 seconds ago
20 minutes, 36 seconds ago
1 hour, 5 minutes ago
1 hour, 10 minutes ago
2 hours, 27 minutes ago
Gardens currently attracting the Tortoise
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Deb and Zodiac20 minutes, 9 seconds ago


Elaine and Flower (elaine)1 hour, 39 minutes ago


Holly and Victoria Winters1 hour, 45 minutes ago


Welcome to the Fairyland Drive-In Theater.


"The Baby Tortoise in the Magic Bubble"


"Gamera, Tortoise Protector of Fairyland"


Our usual Spooky Creature Features

Please visit our concession stands for all of your between feature SUPERFOOD munchies.


        * ´`'*°    ░)   ☆•°*”˜)
. ☆  (     ░)︶     (︶   ︶      ░)
  (    ︶   ︶   ░)   ︶  ░ ︶  )    ░)
(  ︶    ︶  ░)   (   ︶  ░)  ︶░)
. ︶░ / ︶░   /░︶︶░ ︶/︶
\    ======T U B ======  /
.\                   O                   /
  \ === P O P C O R N===  /╮
   \ ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░.  /░)  ╮

Linda and DeeOgee & The Spirits Of Bentley Grumble Face, Sum2 hours, 16 minutes ago

🐾 tortoises are here 🐾

WOOF   🔥
Superfood at our place !

Carmen and Shim-Sha-Roo2 hours, 16 minutes ago

Quiet, garden, come check us out.
♥️Tortoises (6373) wander through this garden! Zodiacs are here!

Larry and Smaug2 hours, 19 minutes ago

~^~ Visit my PERCY PINEAPPLE garden
. Get TORTOISES relentlessly. No rules !
. 12,607 spotted here so far
. 2 plates organic food out now

~A~ Also Pushmi-Pullyu, Crab, Squirrels

~C~ Coming soon:

~Q~ Questing for Zodiacs and babies :-)

Angela and Orpey2 hours, 28 minutes ago

 𝓢𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓵𝓮𝓼  & TinKLes  & SQuiRTs

Over 4500 Tortoise 🐢 have been spotted in my garden.  I’d love for you to find some more. Please come and visit. 🍄 🧚🏻‍♀️ 🪴🐢🐢🐢

🦄🦋🦩Love from ORPEY 🦩🦋🦄

Carole and Nissa3 hours, 1 minute ago

Attracting, goodnight

Gini and Firefly And Tormund The Gnome4 hours, 9 minutes ago

☆。Sprinkles from
   ☆。Louisville KY
   .★´*。.☆¨¯`*★。☆. 。 .

Kelli and Poppy4 hours, 22 minutes ago

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