Feeorin is a healing and loving fairy, come by if you need her help or even just a big hug
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TypeCompassionate Fairy
Born OnDecember 10th (age: 15 years, 7 months)
Human's NameKay
GardenEmeralds. Essex. UK. ALLF.
Sprinkle Gold 


Margaret and Oscar3 weeks, 3 days ago

Yes Kay  i am ok. .They are trying out new tablets for my Diabetes and they have me on the toilet .Why is everything so hard on your  own.

Jerry and Alana The Fairy (Oregon USA)3 weeks, 5 days ago

Thanks for spotting Cupid! 💖💖💖

Lucy and Lucinka (Slovakia)1 month ago

Thank you!

Joyce and Orilion1 month, 3 weeks ago

TY for spotting a BFM

Jan and Pix & Nix With Twygs1 month, 3 weeks ago

Sending you big hugs, I am sure that your determination will win this one for you  xxx

Jan and Pix & Nix With Twygs1 month, 4 weeks ago

Hello Kay, how is your health progressing?  In the right direction, I hope.  Do take care of yourself.  Hugs from me to you xxxx

Margaret and Oscar2 months ago

Hi Kay, Hope you are feeling better. Yes I am OK, thanks. I have Just had a  very bust few days. My Garden is 4 times bigger than the Garden I had in Halstead, (Front and back), and i am five years older than when I was in Halstead. I have joined a Carpet Bowles Club here in Ipswich, and a knitting Group. So I have now got so many new friends, living in a Bungalow, all the neighbours are in my age group and i must say everyone is so friendly, and everyone helps each other, just like i was when we moved into Halstead over 50 years ago. After my 2 best friends died in Halstead and my Husband, I just found there was nothing left for me in Halstead, and I had good friends here in Ipswich, and most of all it is all on the flat, no more Hills, The bus service is great The Hospital is only across the road. What more could  I ask for. I hope you get yourself sorted out soon and lets hope we get the weather that you can get outside and enjoy your garden. Take care. xx

Lynn and Lynn & Desi Are Struggling To Find Cake:)2 months ago

ty Kay for spotting the bfm💙💜

Jan and Pix & Nix With Twygs2 months ago

Oh bless you, what a lovely thought, but I am glad that you spotted it and it wasn't missed. xxx

Jan and Pix & Nix With Twygs2 months ago

Hello Kay, you put a 'sorry' note on my back page -  but I don't know why, hahaha.  I cannot think of a thing that you need to apologise for. xxx

Not long back from a lovely time spent with Clare et al. 
Can you believe this sunshine? Marvellous xxx

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