Alana The Fairy (Oregon USA)

Alana The Fairy (Oregon USA) is going to be changing this garden and slowing it down over the next few days. ;-)
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Born OnDecember 19th (age: 13 years, 3 months)
Human's NameJerry
GardenAlana's Garden (Oregon, USA)
Sprinkle Gold 


Jerry and Alana The Fairy (Oregon USA)1 day, 19 hours ago


Polly and Fifi1 day, 22 hours ago

Hello dear Jerry! Well I finally have a minute to breathe ...... Our friends who were staying with us moved out on Monday so we finally have our house back. You don't know the value of peace & quiet until you don't have it. All the house is back to normal & it's bliss. How are you? Has the snow cleared & have you managed to get the baby goats outside yet? I've had a few things going on recently - my Son & his fiance have split up which has been hard for them all. Their child - my grandson Parker who's nearly 3 has been diagnosed with autisim (which I knew anyway) and it's all heartbreaking.
I have to go into hospital for an operation on Tuesday, not sure how long I'll be in for, but I'll be off work for a couple of weeks so I should hopefully have some "me" time & catch up on some tv & FL. If I don't drop in before then I'll catch up with you afterwards. You take care Jerry, hugs xxx

Summer and β˜… Lily β˜…1 day, 22 hours ago


Summer and β˜… Lily β˜…1 day, 22 hours ago

Awe ty sooo soo much jerry much appreciated πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ’•β™₯️

Ronda and Joey2 days, 7 hours ago

Good morning Jerry I have been sick lately but I am doing better today and if you want to poke me you definitely can, I love it when I see someone
That I really like has poked me But I have changed the name of the pokes Hi there my friend   β€οΈ how is your new house looking now
Did your Family get lot's of rain? Have a nice day today my dear friend Jerry

Keith and Nubs A Fairly Good Elf;2 days, 18 hours ago

Thank you Good Sir, my reserves are running really low as well; Thank you for the
info and help πŸ˜‰

Andi and Hairyetta2 days, 20 hours ago

Enjoy your dinner :)

Jerry and Alana The Fairy (Oregon USA)2 days, 20 hours ago


Andi and Hairyetta2 days, 21 hours ago

Sorry Jerry ... didn’t realize you were in my garden...

Keith and Nubs A Fairly Good Elf;3 days, 9 hours ago

I just saw your message about the jewels giving 10 gold, sorry just getting back to you,  we've been watching our 2 newest Grandsons....
Gold for gems,  is that fairly new ?? It used to not be like that..... Also old you get more for the more rare gems or no πŸ€”

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