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 and Nyusya wrote15 hours, 6 minutes ago

Hi dear Tony, sorry you had an accident in the store. I sometimes experience the same. Once or twice I had the alarm switched on while leaving a clothes shop. The reason was some  magnet stickers  attached from inside.
The weather is great today, sunny and hot. I seems unbelievable after so many cold and rainy days. At last we can put on some summer wear. Have a nice weekend! Hugs!

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 and Cindy Lou Who wrote17 hours, 17 minutes ago

That was a scare...

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 and Honeysuckle wrote1 day, 9 hours ago

That’s Tom and he’s a Rescue Cat x

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 and Willow wrote1 day, 14 hours ago

Yogi came around last week and drank the hummingbird nectar, didn't wreck the feeder. We have a spy cam and Les didn't have it on, duh!! Sent you an email, send me pic of boat again it disappeared from the email you sent, info still on but no pic. That is a nice boat.

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 and Lucy wrote2 days, 1 hour ago

My cancer treatments, hormone and radiation will all be covered by health care.  Our only problem is we have to wait to see specialists unless you have an urgent health problem.  Example:  I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer on 10 Jan 2007....I had surgery on the 11 Feb that is considered very quick.

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 and Lucy wrote2 days, 1 hour ago

My health care at 65 was free due to my income level.  I pay for drugs and dental...but all health care is paid.

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 and Moya wrote2 days, 9 hours ago

wow...that is close to you... so happy you are okay... our town had a tornado warning, so we would head for the basement.. when we lived in the country (only 1/2 mile from town) we lived in a tri-level house.. so I watched out the window while everyone else was on the floor.. my dog hid behind the couch.. I saw the tornado lift the neighbors barn and as it floated across th field it exploded.. I was giving the report as my dad was yelling at me to get away from the window.. I was about 12 yrs old and I thought it was better to watch it, that way I would know if it was heading for us...  a couple of years before that, when our house was being built, a tornado lifted the garage roof and carried it over an empty lot and slammed it into the neighbors brick house.. no damage to the house that I remember... but the construction crew had just spent the day adding that roof to the garage frame... odd that it only damaged the roof..  I was not afraid of tornadoes when a kid, I enjoyed watching them... and I loved thunderstorms with lightning and hail... crazy kid.. lol .. just did not want anyone hurt...
stay safe .. xxx

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 and Sasha wrote5 days, 19 hours ago

  .¸.•*° ƸӜƷ. /\..../\
╬ ❤️ ═╬╬═ ❤️ -(,,)-(,,)╬╬═ ❤️ ╬
╬═ ❤️ ╬╬═ ❤️ ═╬╬ ❤️ ═╬╬═ ❤️ ╬
           Wishing you a super day

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 and Moya wrote1 week ago

It is so good that you have Lisa and she has you... Jerry would want both of you to be happy and have a good life. Grieving takes time, but know how blessed you are to have had a good life with him.. live each day ... whether it is a busy day, lazy day, fun day, etc. ... 
I did get outside to do some pruning... was out there till after nine... wish we always had these long days.. enjoy being outside in  the evening.. take care... hugs..  xxx

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 and Moya wrote1 week ago

Hi, Antoinette!  good to see you in my garden... decided to take a break.. have more to do in real life in the Summer.. big yard and lots of weeding, pruning, etc.. loving the longer daylight hours. With all of the storms that have happened in your area , are you okay???  ... we are having a drought here,,, third year in a row, so facing water restrictions... living on an island off of Washington, and surrounded by water, but have a water shortage,  lol ... have had rain on and off the past few days, but seems to be only enough to get the weeds growing... ha...  enjoy each day, sending you lots of hugs   xxxxxxx

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