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Born OnFebruary 28th (age: 11 years, 7 months)
Human's NameKaren
GardenWings of Heaven
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Elaine and Iolanthe4 hours ago

Hi Karen , oh have a lovely day at the wedding, I hope the rain will not cause  too big of a problem , my Jennie had a rainy wedding in parts and one of my favourite photos is of her and Andy running under an umbrella! Ady’s dad he’s doing alright the Hospital  will carry on investigations if it goes on much longer, have a good afternoon and lots of fun tomorrow. Sending love to you and ear ruffles for the gang xxx

Deb and Lily1 week, 3 days ago

hi karen  hope your weekend was wonderful 
did you see the swans or go to see your dad ?   
i thiink you are on vacation next week too like me      my one kitty has to go to the vet today  has a bad cold and wingy is still being monitored for choking  hope everyone is better soon 
sun is out today  was watching the funeral today such a sad day     
please take care  love and hugs karen   xx

Margie and Levon 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Oh my... I am so sad about the Queen passing 😢. I think you may remember that I was 5 when I was adopted. I would ask my adopted mom when my birthday was and she would give me a vague answer that it was Apr 20th,21 or 22nd. When I found out ot was the 21st it made me feel special that it was the same day as the Queen. It's been my fascination all my life. I have used the wave and accent all my life with my closest friends. Lol. I always felt a kinship..her love of animals,class,dignity,sense of humor. She was firm but fair.
Honestly...I stood on my step and cried when I heard the news. I knew she was crushed when I had seen that photo of her all alone when her husband passed. 96 and sharpnubtil the end was such a blessing.
Sending hugs to you and your dad.

Deb and Lily2 weeks, 6 days ago

hi karen  so sorry to hear about the queen   she was an amazing person and the stable of the british kingdom  staying with the royal family when the german bombed and was so loyal to her country and head of the common wealth nation   so sad she is gone       
take care karen     love and hugs to you and your dad  xxx

Gillian and Saphira/Rockys Memorial Garden (Gillian)2 weeks, 6 days ago

I totally agree the Queen looked so alone at her husband's funeral I felt so very sorry for her.  The Monachy will never be the same again.  I dont feel for Charles the way I did for his mother especially after what happened to Dinah.  I hope your choir practice went well take care love & hugs xx

Gillian and Saphira/Rockys Memorial Garden (Gillian)2 weeks, 6 days ago

Hi Karen how are you coping with the loss of Queen Elizabeth?  I woke to the tragic news this morning & am watching the news.  I know she was elderly but it still seems very sudden & tragedic, she was an amazing lady one we will never see again xx

Deb and Lily3 weeks ago

Hi Karen
Haven’t been feeling well
My stitches were so irritated and when I got them out the areas especially in my upper leg were red inflamed and so sore.
That incision is right by my underwear line and the incisions are about 2 inches long.
The one under my arm is fine and healing which is great. They said to put bacitracin on it and a gauge pad so it doesn’t get infected and starts to heal. It’s starting to feel better today.
Sorry I haven’t written but I’ve been resting
I’m wrapping everyday too all day so my arm is sore and hard to sleep but it’s fine
I have to do this for me in hopes my arm starts to go down in size.
How are you and how is your week? Hope it is going well and you got to walk around the lake and see the swans. How is your dad? Hope you got to see him in Monday.
I better get to sleep
Thank you for writing to me caring and for being such a dear friend. 💕💕💕
Have a good day when you wake Karen.
Much love and reiki hugs xoxo 🌻🕊🕊🕊🦢🦢🦢🐿🐢🐇😊🌴🦌🦆🌺🌻💕💕💕

Bethany and PokeyDot 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Home to SC to see the moms and up to Notre Dame for a game. Nothing too crazy.  June and July broke records here, August has thankfully been a bit more normal as far as temps go,  and thankfully a little more rain than normal.

Margie and Levon 3 weeks, 4 days ago

As a matter of fact he was well rewarded! They brought honey, banana bread and some fresh pickerel. They had their daughter and two young grandkids so were very grateful. I seldom drink. Did enough celebrating in my younger days. I do enjoy a Baileys or Kailua. I end up with a screaming headache if I have 3 glasses of wine. Lol.

Bethany and PokeyDot 3 weeks, 4 days ago

We're all doing well, thanks. We took a little trip to Austin for July 4, but otherwise it's been a quiet summer.  Finally getting rain, so hopefully the drought will end. Looking forward to some travel again this fall. 

How are you and your family?

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