Golden Haired Dancer Thornbury Victoria, Australia

Golden Haired Dancer Thornbury Victoria, Australia is thinking of Papa Paull.
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Born OnDecember 14th (age: 11 years, 9 months)
Human's Name
GardenGolden Haired Dancer
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 


 and Autumn2 hours, 8 minutes ago

Dear Dianne, trust your two daughters and their families are safe in Mansfield.   

Stay safe.  Please take care.  May the blessings of the God be with you and your family. 

 and Nyusya3 hours, 26 minutes ago

Hello dear Dianne! I heard about an earthquake in Australia but I didn't know that it was such close to your place. I hope your daughters' houses are not damaged and they are ok now. Please be careful. It's very scary and dnagerous. Stay safe please. It's cloudy and nasty here. I've been to the clinic to take a blood test, home now preparing for my lessons. I have two classes today. Sending you hugs!

 and Autumn7 hours, 56 minutes ago

Hello dear friend, I was at work during that time.   Worst ever experienced. 

Blessings to you and your family!

 and Autumn10 hours, 57 minutes ago

There was an earthquake little while ago. 

Trust you and all at home are safe.  Blessings!

 and Sport1 day, 1 hour ago

Visited last night after work . They have figured out the specific infection so can target with those antibiotics . She actually was talkative and was not complaining about the hospital food while eating some of it . :)

 and Sport2 days, 11 hours ago

Visited today at lunch time . She seemed better . A bit more alert . I took in a ham sandwich on white bread . She ate a quarter , drank a juice box and also ate a pudding cup . :) Talked to the Doctor and he said they are waiting on the bacteria culture to know what antibiotic specifically . So right now they use a broad spectrum .

 and Sport2 days, 21 hours ago

Visited yesterday . She is still not ready to come home .

 and Hope's Garden,Guelph,Ontario,Can4 days ago

Yes I am staying with his highness . Got woke up by him laying on me at just after 5 . Guess he was lonely . :)

 and Sport4 days, 10 hours ago

More info
Not the drugs caused this . She got an infection that went into the blood . Being given antibiotics by IV .

 and Sport5 days, 1 hour ago

Hi Dianne
Called the ambulance on her last night when I couldn`t get her off the couch where I would have to sleep while watching her . They will keep her a couple of days until she is stabilized .

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