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What Do Your Family Or Close Ones Think About Your Fairyland Addiction? What Is Their Reaction?
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 and TicTwitch Macho wrote5 months, 1 week ago

My 18 Year Old Son Pokes Fun At Me All The Time.. He Thinks It's So Silly How I Chase Around Imaginary Creatures And Always Want To Excitedly Show Off My Garden To Him.. Or How Upset I Get When I Miss A Spotting.. He Says: "MOM.. I THINK YOU NEED A BOYFRIEND"
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 and Cobweb wrote5 months, 1 week ago

My husband just thinks I'm crazy.  He doesn't "get" Fairyland at all.
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 and TicTwitch Macho wrote5 months, 1 week ago

hahahaha.. thats too funny.. my ex boyfriend thought the same of me as does my son... I actually love how we have our own secret world.. No one I know plays or ever heard it.. It truly is a FAIRYLAND ;-) and by the way.. you are probably the most famous fairylander besides Mike.. You are always there to answer our questions and help us along the way.. Thank you so much for all you do Tracey!!
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 and Little (FFU) wrote5 months ago

My family is like "good for you" and accept that FL is part of my life. My friends aren't only casually aware that I play because I try to be a good friend and not be glued to my phone when out with others.

Funny story: my co-worker is a birder, which I think it really cool and has made me more aware and interested in birds too, although I'm not going to go birding like the hobby entails. So when I spot/attract birds to my garden, I'll talk about it. Sometimes he's like, "wait, you spotted a (bird) last night?" and then I remind him that it's virtual. He then is "oh yeah, that's fake". It's all in good fun and we joke about this and other things all the time. It's just funny to catch him off guard when I spot rare and non-native birds near my home!
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 and Wesley Gadget And Camilla's Patch wrote5 months ago

My family/husband/friends ( them that don't play ) used to think It was all a bit peculiar the way I talked about my friends here , but since my friendships have evolved to outside fl have had to change their minds ...well maybe not about the excitement of spotting unicorns and snabbits etc ....
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 and Seychelle wrote5 months ago

My husband thinks the snails are rigged. He has told me this several times.
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 and Peg And Little Gary wrote5 months ago

My husband rolls his eyes when I mention FL but he doesn’t try to stop my playing—as if he could!
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 and Bαɾιɠ wrote5 months ago

lol June! me same here; with everyone I thnk! I always say they have no chance if one day they ask me to chose between FL and "them" !!! so they just gave up ... moreover I give them headaches whenever I want to talk about FL! all my grand children love fairyland (boys and girls)they all want to have a garden of their own !! my sons (30 and 31 years old) were happy though when  went to attend the convention 2 years ago in UK!! then when I organised last year's convention, they didn't complain about helping me out :)
like they have also all their games, video games, etc.. so finally what's weird about chasing virtual animals ? lmao!
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 and Astra NDMP wrote5 months ago

When my husband and I got engaged, my brother and sister in law gave us a clock - the face has a photo of us both having fun at the fairyland convention, which had been posted on facebook,
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 and Ms. FFU Mildew wrote5 months ago

My hubby doesn't know LOL!  I plan to keep it that way!  MUAHHHHH!
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