Spider is sad because spiderette is sad her facebook has been hacked and shes lost her garden
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Born OnOctober 28th (age: 11 years, 1 month)
Human's NameChristopher
Garden's Garden
Sprinkle Gold 


Lyn and Angelina6 hours, 35 minutes ago

Ooops sorry… did I swoop you?? There’s still something else due…
This garden just suddenly appeared on my friends list!

Ali and Scooby And Daphne, Baxie And Coopys Burrow :))))2 months ago

Hi Chris can you send me a friend request on FB xxxx

Janis and ԼƖƝƊƠS ƦӇƠƊЄS ƓƦЄЄƇЄ ƑƑƲ2 months ago

I can’t find you so send me a friend request xx

Janis and ԼƖƝƊƠS ƦӇƠƊЄS ƓƦЄЄƇЄ ƑƑƲ2 months ago

Hi Chris really sorry for this awful ordeal you are experiencing ~ iCloud stores everything if you have an iPhone so not sure if you have one xx

Suzanne and Paisley Flugglepiffer2 months ago

Sent a fr to your new fb,

Cheryl and My Tara- FFU, NDMP, ALFF2 months ago

Sent a FR

Laurie and Donna Jean (Wiggles)2 months ago

Sent a request to your new FB.

Paula and Princess Ariel And Bob X (PAULA)2 months ago

yes you should leave it a while and try again with a new account maybe ? I dunno - we had a problem with our insta/fb business account - they suspended us as we supposedly posted something against their rules - we sell plants so goodness knows what it could be - anyway we tried all avenues to dispute it/get it reviewed but it never was and we never got any answers- meabt we couldnt promote anything - just incredibly annoying and frustrating

Jeanette and GinnyStar Elsa/ Mummy Moo2 months ago

Morning you 2 and hope things are now up and running and mike moves your garden over for you xx

Glenda and Heatherberry2 months ago

Have sent through a friend request. This has taken so long, must be frustrating for you. Is all being fixed now?

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Mouse Hunter
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Nice Weather For Ducks
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Bunny Business
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Watch The Birdie
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Here Be Dragons
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Reach For The Stars
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
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The Ugly Bug Ball
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Random Assortment
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Think Pink
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Spooky Sprinkling
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Winter Wonderland
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Be My Valentine
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Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
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Luck Of The Irish
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Fun In The Sun
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12 minutes, 40 seconds

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