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Jasmine Fairy Fresh Cake out for Cupids ❤️❤️❤️
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Born OnNovember 20th (age: 11 years, 10 months)
Human's Name
GardenAndrea and Jasmine’s Cupid garden ❤️❤️❤️ NO PRIVATES
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and ꧁ƊЄƝƝIŞ & BᎧƝƝIЄŞ ƓᗩƦƊЄƝ꧂ wrote2 hours, 29 minutes ago

Also, could you send me 2 Libra zodiac flowers please Andrea?  I’m going to try the next quest.  Thank you 😊 xxx

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 and ꧁ƊЄƝƝIŞ & BᎧƝƝIЄŞ ƓᗩƦƊЄƝ꧂ wrote2 hours, 32 minutes ago

Hiya! 😊👋🌸 have you been up to much today? I’ve had the children, spent lots of time outside, on the swing, playing in the garden, picked a huge bowl of cherry plum tomatoes then went inside & did lots of painting... just got the baby tomorrow 😊 xxx

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 and Serenia Fairy :D wrote3 hours, 1 minute ago

Hi sweetie pie, you ok? Sending Lots and lots of Love!!!Xoxoxoxo

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 and Thingy wrote13 hours, 33 minutes ago

Andrea ever so sorry about that, feel for you as I know what you are feeling.

It's not going to help your migraine either, can't even suggest what to do.

Myself, had an hour about 11pm, then awake to about 7am till 11.30.

At least there is nowhere to go, will lie on bed and doze a bit.

Happy lockdown and try to cheer up.

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 and Thingy wrote23 hours, 37 minutes ago

Will see what happens.

But don't hold your breath, still wide awake.

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 and ꧁ƊЄƝƝIŞ & BᎧƝƝIЄŞ ƓᗩƦƊЄƝ꧂ wrote1 day, 2 hours ago

Hi Andrea, hope you had a good day?
My son came over around lunch time with his 2 girls (3yrs & 7yrs) & they did lots of colouring & drawing & put the train track together all over the living room, the dogs ‘helped’ lol. Then hubby’s daughter arrived at 3 with her little boy, so my son had to go because of the new COVID rules, I felt awful about that, the girls were so excited when she arrived & wanted to play with Oliver, how on earth do you explain that situation to a child? 😢 xxx

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 and Thingy wrote1 day, 15 hours ago

Last night/ this morning barely 3 hours.

Night before a good 6 hours plus.

Thank goodness I don't have to get out of bed today, more sleep will come.

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 and Belina wrote1 day, 15 hours ago

Yes I'm fine thanks, same here very windy and cold went and had our Flu jabs yesterday, so we had an outing, heating on as I was cold hope you and your mum are ok xx

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 and Thingy wrote2 days ago

Same here.

Ever since this game appeared to "BREAK" over night it has become much more difficult to find collect the mice.

Other than throwing/using lots more gold to visit many more gardens, AND IT TAKES A LOT MORE TIME TO DO IT.

I think it is to make people buy gold to continue playing - more profit, or educate people to play the entire game and not fixate on birthday cake - more profit.

I have a high gold reserve, so are safe from the financial penalty, but if I use it all I would consider cancelling my fairyland account.

Take care /sweet dreams.

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 and Rainbow~Jolene On Hedgehog Road wrote2 days, 1 hour ago

Hi Andrea :) Thanks for catching the dinosaur for me. Wishing you a good night xx

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Jasmine Fairy is Quest Level I, and has completed these Quests:
Level I Quests
(1 of 19 Quests Completed)
Mouse Hunter
Not yet completed
Nice Weather For Ducks
Not yet completed
The Tortoise And The Hare
Not yet completed
Bunny Business
Not yet completed
Watch The Birdie
Best spotting time:
22 hours, 24 minutes
Here Be Dragons
Not yet completed
Reach For The Stars
Not yet completed
Not yet completed
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not yet completed
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Not yet completed
The Ugly Bug Ball
Not yet completed
Random Assortment
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Seasonal Quests
Think Pink
Not yet completed
Spooky Sprinkling
Not yet completed
Winter Wonderland
Not yet completed
Be My Valentine
Not yet completed
Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
Not yet completed
Luck Of The Irish
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun
Not yet completed

Total Earnings: 8 Scrolls

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Jasmine Fairy has spotted 369 of 546 possible wildlife in other Gardens:
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(7 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

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Bottom Dwellers
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Frog Breeding
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Pondweed Combos
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Fishy Namesakes
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A Rainbow Of Fish
(5 of 14 Spotted)

Pond Mythological
(4 of 7 Spotted)

Pond & Garden
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(1 of 1 Spotted)

Snow White
(3 of 10 Spotted)

Three Billy Goats Gruff
(3 of 5 Spotted)

Jack And The Beanstalk
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The Ugly Duckling
(2 of 4 Spotted)

The Frog Prince
(3 of 3 Spotted)

The Three Bears
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The Three Little Pigs
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Baby Chicks
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Mystical Butterflies
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Albino & Melanistic
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