TypeGarden Fairy
Born OnDecember 17th (age: 9 years, 11 months)
Human's Name
GardenEvie's Garden - TFC and ALFF Member (Texas/USA)
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and Genieveve wrote4 days, 2 hours ago

You're welcome

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 and Evie wrote5 days ago

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 and Hope wrote5 days, 17 hours ago

Dear Heavenly Father,
We are grateful that you never leave us alone, and you will never forget or abandon us. Please help us to become like the strong heroes of faith who learned to trust you during their trials and struggles. They learned not to try to face everything with their own strength, power, or wisdom. They learned to ask for your wisdom and strength to handle each trial and challenging situation they faced. They realized it is by your power and strength that we overcome. It is by the power of the Holy Spirit that we endure. It’s by Christ’s resurrection power within us that we rise up in victory.
Your Word says you will accomplish what concerns us. You will complete the work you have begun in us. Please help us to depend on you more. Help us to remember our sufficiency is in you. Remind us when we grow frustrated from our failed efforts that your way is better, and your yoke is easy and light. We may not find quick or easy answers. We may not find any of the answers we seek this side of heaven. We may be in our season of difficulty for a very long time, but you are faithful, and you will finish what you’ve started. You will carry out what concerns us. You are not

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Enjoy your time out!!! I know all to well what a toll it can take on a person physically and mental, so time for you to get exhausted from laughter, smiles and some fun!!!

                 ❤ ┊ ❤

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 and Hope wrote2 weeks ago

Soul Transforming Prayers

Lord, You are my strength and shield. My heart completely trusts You, even when things don't make sense. Even when things hurt. Even when it's hard. You are my always available, always present, always faithful help, Lord, and I will praise you! In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

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 and Hope wrote3 weeks ago

Susie Larson

Weekend Blessing: May you cast your cares on Jesus. May your load feel instantly lighter as you trust Him. May He fill you with expectancy, right here, right now, right in the midst of your circumstances. May Kingdom power upstage every worry and every fear. May Kingdom authority help you to rise above your circumstances instead of being crushed by them. New days are ahead. Breakthrough days are just around the corner. Don't give up hope. You serve the God of the breakthrough and HE is for you. Bless your weekend! #SusieLarsonBlessings

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 and Hope wrote3 weeks, 6 days ago

Hope For The Broken Hearted

Hello Friends! Here is the prayer for today…
Dear Lord,
Thank you for bringing us to the beginning of a new day. Thank you for your strength and grace that has seen us through this week. Please carry those who are dealing with the aftermath of tragedies, bad news, and loss. Please continue to sustain and comfort the brokenhearted, as only you can. Please nourish and provide for each person in body, mind, and spirit so they can get through al that is before them.
Thank you for walking with us through the hard and dark places in life, Lord. It is hard to comprehend how you can carry the weight of all of our pain and sin. We often feel like we will be crushed under the weight of our heavy loads and then try to imagine carrying the weight of someone else’s struggles as well…it is inconceivable…yet, you carry the burdens for all of humanity…there is truly none like you, Lord.
We are grateful to have you as our Savior. Words often fail us, but we bow before you today in reverence and honor and with gratitude for the things you have done for us. We need many things in this life, but there is nothing we need more than you. We would be so

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 and TULIP wrote4 weeks ago

Hi Claudia dear, sorry so long in getting back to you from your last post , or as you say, a book.  Ha! Ha! Bless your dear Mum going all thru that.  makes me cringe thinking bout eye injections.  My friend has the same.  It's so painful.  Such a long day for you both.  So sorry your sister still not helping. I can never understand how close family members don't help out, cos they can't be bothered.  I speak close hand, cos my own daughter doesn't do anything for me, even when I could do with some help.  Not been near or by since I've been really ill after having the awful reaction to the mould in one of my rooms.  Still got a tickly cough, the spores really got into right into my lungs n gradually getting my energy back.  Missing going to pool each day doing my knee exercises, hobbling bit more at mo.  The steam n sauna would help my throat too. Not been in over 2 weeks, but hoping to go on Monday.  Your weather much nicer than here. I wish it was low 20s here.  Our daily is 15 n drops to 3 during night.    Well sweetheart, getting tired n need an early night.  Have a good weekend.  ((HUGS))  xx

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 and Hope wrote1 month, 1 week ago

Soul Transforming Prayers

Lord, help me not to be anxious or worry. I am determined to trust that You will faithfully care for me, You will bring me through, You will provide what I need and You will give me grace. Help me to realize how much You love me, how deeply You care for me, and just how valuable I am to You, Lord…far more valuable than even the most adorable of Your creatures. In the awesome name of Jesus, Amen.

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 and Motherhen wrote1 month, 1 week ago

I saw your post on Facebook about being with your mom for the next round of chemo.  I started a post to you and then somehow it disappeared and I can't find it now.  So, I'll tell you here that you have my prayers for your mom and also yourself.  I do hope that you're feeling much better by now!!  But please get your rest and take care of yourself!!

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