Suzanne is expecting Birthday Critters.
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Born OnApril 2nd (age: 11 years, 10 months)
Human's NameElsa
GardenElsa and Suzanne's Winter Garden
Sprinkle Gold 


Charlene and Anastasia1 day, 14 hours ago

I guess it was a good thing afterall that you planted a Supershroom - It tripled your rewards!!  Also were you aware that you can buy Supershrooms with Forest Ruby Seeds?

Ailsa and Huppelkind (South Africa)1 day, 17 hours ago

Goeienaand Elsa. Ek het vandag by 'n winkel wat ook ingevoerde lekkernye verkoop, Nederlandse speculaas met amandels gekry - absoluut héérlik!!
Geniet jou naweek

Charlene and Anastasia2 days, 21 hours ago

Plant a Bellis Lycaena.  When in flower it will attract the Birthday Fox.

Charlene and Anastasia3 days ago

You didn't really need to plant a Supershroom until the Dulcia Somniflora was ready for harvest.

Charlene and Anastasia3 days ago

Always happy to help Elsa!!  :)

Charlene and Anastasia3 days, 18 hours ago

I was offline, sorry

Charlene and Anastasia3 days, 22 hours ago

Right.  You can spot any of the Birthday critters in anyone's garden.  The first time you spot any one of them you get 50 Gold too.  Also, if you spot two Ellie's you get a cake!!

Charlene and Anastasia3 days, 23 hours ago

Elsa if you plant a Dulcia Somniflora you will attract the Birthday Elephant when it is Ready for Harvest.  They eat Cake and the reward is 5 as opposed to 1 for BFM

Elsa and Suzanne4 days, 22 hours ago

🦩🌿🦩🌿🦩"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."~Zeno 🦩🌿🦩🌿🦩

Kathy and Destiny 6 days, 1 hour ago

Dis baie koud!  Hier is dit omtrent 30 grade warmer en niks reën. Dis jammer dat ek nie 10 grade of so na jou to stuur. 

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Suzanne is Quest Level I, and has completed these Quests:
Level I Quests
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Mouse Hunter
Best spotting time:
1 day, 2 hours
Nice Weather For Ducks
Best spotting time:
1 week, 1 day
The Tortoise And The Hare
Not yet completed
Bunny Business
Not yet completed
Watch The Birdie
Not yet completed
Here Be Dragons
Not yet completed
Reach For The Stars
Not yet completed
Best spotting time:
1 week
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not yet completed
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Not yet completed
The Ugly Bug Ball
Not yet completed
Random Assortment
Not yet completed
Seasonal Quests
Think Pink
Not yet completed
Spooky Sprinkling
Not yet completed
Winter Wonderland
Not yet completed
Be My Valentine
Not yet completed
Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
Not yet completed
Luck Of The Irish
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun
Not yet completed

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