tink is missing and loving my best friend Charlene. You left us way to soon, this garden is for you beautiful.The cancer may have won the battle but you won the war! Heaven has a bad ass singer
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Born OnJuly 1st (age: 8 years, 2 months)
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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote5 days, 6 hours ago

The Grove siblings were Wood elves, they and their family lived & worked in a forest situated a couple of valleys away from the Enchanted Wood. Their main duties were looking after the forest, it's trees and all plant life. It was well run and everyone had their specific job to do. As with most jobs, some needed doing yearly, some monthly, weekly and daily. Nothing was wasted. They planted, watered & cropped. All cuttings & deadheads were either replanted, made into medecine or used as food & furniture. With this in mind, they were concerned as to who would be filling in for them. The Queen answered that 'Quite contrary Mary' had offered to help fill in for Kendle, who planted & watered the forest. Red Riding Hood's father was going to help in place of Brendle who cropped branches & twigs and the Grand Squirrel had sent at least a dozen squirrels to help make the medecines & food. That was Wendle and his cousins job.The King & Queen looked the the Woodelves to see what their reaction would be.
Ty for popping by. xxx

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 and FIONA wrote3 weeks, 3 days ago

Congrats and well done spotting your first Birthday Badger Jackie

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote1 month ago

The curtains to the second coach were shut, so anyone trying to peek in,  wouldn't see anything, no lanterns on this one and the horse was taller than the first and a silver grey dappled colour that seemed to dance along the horse's back. Still made as from the forest and the same size, the coach moved in total silence and at a distance from the group in front......
Meanwhile, at the front and with music and dance surrounding them, Silky and Moonface were sipping Frizzecco from long, slender glasses and Silky was quite dizzy with all the fuss that was going on. She was trying to ask Mandy all sorts of questions but there was so much merry noise and Mandy was dancing alongside the moving coach couldn't hear her so Silky gave up and turned to Moonface and gave him a huge smile. They giggled and started singing along with everyone else as the coach made it's way to the green...
Ty for popping by. xxx

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 and Linda Lou wrote1 month ago

ty for spotting the TS

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 and ~™Daphne~FFG wrote3 months ago

thanks for spotting our Crane!

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