Twin TopKats -baby Lions & Giraffes :O) Xx

TypeMinx !!
Born OnJuly 8th (age: 12 years)
Human's Name
GardenTwin TopKats !
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and The Silver Fox 38 minutes, 57 seconds ago

looks like rain is imminent - i will take a brolly to Sainsburys in a minute. Love the idea of the boys asleep on beambags. Adam Peaty in the swimming heats at 1.55pm is my look-forward-to thing. Jackie is out this afternoon so will do chores then in peace! shes still asleep.
Not good that you are so dizzy, I wonder what causes it all. Do you wear glasses?
It is still mild out.
right - better go deal with the supermarket when its busy. I may take my ipod just to drown out the incessant announcements they do every 3 minutes about staying safe. Its total overkill and literally every 3 minutes. You could boil and egg, and when its ready the announcement would start again :-)))) ha ha, that why I have heavy rock tracks on the ipod :-)


 and The Silver Fox 1 hour, 19 minutes ago

yes - your mission today is to but the purple packet nytol, take one with water an hour before bed and turn off all phones and laptops. you will sleep like a log. even better if you can do clean bedding and shower before bed so everything is really nice.
fed the cats, 4 regulars came out and i was eating fur all the way home! avoided the rain. Better have some breakfast and plan my mini shop before it chucks it down xx

 and The Silver Fox 2 hours, 47 minutes ago

morning. I took a Nytol and slept for 10 hours! I needed it. Off for a 4.5 mile run to complate a medal then shower, breakfast, shop, ironing and chill out watching Olympics. Cooking sausage pasta tonite. Must defrost and deskin the sausages.
will write again later when everything done xx

 and The Silver Fox 17 hours, 17 minutes ago

my last station is Morden and its part outdoors so the sun would wake me and im never totally asleep. I managed 4 1/2 miles and was shattered at the end. ribs, southern chicken and chips and a cold beer - yum. Going to get that on soon.
should be attracting lions soon and put a baby birthstone out too xx

 and The Silver Fox 19 hours, 53 minutes ago

afternoon. easy day at work, so tired i dozed for 40 mins on the tube. going for a jog tonite for a medal while its sunny as rain is forecast for the weekend. may do 4 1/2 tonite and same tomorrow morning in the drizzle. Then a big big sleep!
How are you feeling? xx

 and The Silver Fox 1 day, 16 hours ago

oh well done on your chores. just seen the weather - saturday rain! I may jog tomorrow after work if any energy left. I actually got quite sad about Geoff leaving and have bought him wine and beard oil and a couple of other bits and a nice card on top of putting in the collection. Hes a nice bloke and very funny, so tomorrow will be a strange day xx

 and The Silver Fox 1 day, 17 hours ago

hey Susie, home, out, shopping, playing with Gemma and Mollie (2) who I can finally cuddle and lift in the air so I had my workout as 2 year olds are heavy! chops and veg tonite, early dinner as v tired. One more day. Ribs chicken and chips tomorrow - caveman food!! xx

 and The Silver Fox 2 days, 18 hours ago

a handful of maltesers after dinner (large handful) gave  me a sugar rush and it took ages to get off to sleep with the heat as well - im tired but off for a 5k around clapham common. must be mad. One of my work friends Geoff leaves on Friday and the office will be quiet without him. I will have to get some wine in and a nice meal for friday.

 and The Silver Fox 3 days, 16 hours ago

massive rain storm now clearing the air. really coming down. will be 24C at 10pm tonite - oh  y goodness! xx

 and The Silver Fox 3 days, 17 hours ago

no she cancelled due to a bank issue, and its 3 days of earlies! I'd better set my alarm for 3.35am. Have a race at Clapham after work so home, shower, change, fairyland and out the door by 5.30pm xx

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