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Born OnFebruary 13th (age: 10 years, 7 months)
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GardenTinkerbell's Garden
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Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote2 days, 5 hours ago

hi twinny,  hope you've had a good day,  you can have all sorts of trouble with wisdon teeth.. my two girls had their's taken out.  jesus.  they looked like elephant man when the came home.. in fact gemma hid herself away until the swelling went down..  so i wouldnt be surprised it that's what is causing you pain in your face..  dear me...
had a couple of wins in arcade..  with free spins..    so not doing so bad..  it's  a biggie we both need to win twinny..  nite huni. big hugs my dear. xxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote3 days, 5 hours ago

hi twinny,  well i finally have done replies..  omg.. it's taken ages..  i have to say ollie is being ruined by you and martin, he'll not want to go home.. lol...  this thing with you jaw has it happened before,  i once had a very sharp pain in my jaw.. but it settled down..  i think it could be the angle of your jaw while eating..  here's nurse twiny talking..  fgs..  well..  i went into arcade and got 6 free spins. and won £9. i've just called in to pirates about 20 minutes ago.. to see what it was like..  played one game  got nowhere..  still over 300 players in..  jesus christ.. they are spoiling it for us regs....  maybe we should have gone into mystery.. as the promotion was just in pirates..  nite twinny..  have a lovely sunday..  catch you soon..  big hugs and much love xxx

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 and Mary wrote3 days, 14 hours ago

you don't have snail racing?

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote5 days, 12 hours ago

aw tysm for spot twinny..   had to catch my own earlier..   was on the phone to caroline, funny i've just taken a paracetamol..  got a headache but hoping it doesn't turn into a full blown migraine like last week..    eeeh went on the bingo about quarter to 3 and won £76 full house in yellow. haha..   came straight out..  noticed jane was in there..   hehe...   phone me now if you like.. xxx or tomorrow..   xxxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote6 days, 6 hours ago

hi twinny,  sam called with grace, about 7.30, to bring rubbish for the re-cycling bin.  apparently the workment had put a lot of rubbish in her's and the binmen wouldn't take it..  bloody tossers..  so she brought it over for our  bin.  good job we always have plenty of room,  she left not long after you rang..  so i went onto tombola.. tried pirates for a few, then arcade.. all in all spent a fiver.  and won bugger all.. hahaha..  now i'm just clearing me posts on fl, then it's bed with my book..    hope you've had a good day..  much love darlin, catch you tomorrow.  xxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote1 week ago

thanks ever so much for spotting bo twinny.. 
was so worried incase it got missed...
i can't believe how many bo's have appeared in my gdn on all 3 plates.. it's never been known..  me blue gems are up to nearly 40,000... lol.
also there isn't any need for you to sprinkle as much twinny,  about every minute should do. or half a minute...  you must be going through some gold..    catch you later in yellow..  have a load of posts to get through..  but i'll be deleting a lot of them.. haha...   bye for now doll..  hugs xxxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote1 week, 5 days ago

nite huni...  thanks for thinking of me today twinny..
i'll get sorted one of these fine days.. fgs.. haha
omg..  was awful in orange, and i told you i played in blue for years and it was just as bad in there too..  nite darlin..  catch you tomorrow.  xxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote2 weeks ago

aw that's good news. ct scan is much better than the mri.. hehe...  i can handle it no bother..  see you in yellow..   

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

orange it is huni  xxx

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 and ❤️? SAMSARA ❤️? wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

well twinny, i'm thinking the same, have spent too much this week alone, and not winning a line.. even on arcade i'm going very badly.  aye, well sod that, ainsley say's well put £20 on, and i told hem   just filling the coffers for some frigger to come in and take it.. hahaha.. it's getting a bit boring as well..   there are so many games i'd love to try but i'd spend way too much money doing that. lol..  ooh belly pork sounds yummy.. catch you later.. shall we try blue or orange.. this time.. i'll let you choose..   xxxx

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