Myrtle invites you to call by and have some fun in her garden as long as it does not involve lopping the heads off her beautiful flowers.
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 and Coral Belle wrote22 hours, 28 minutes ago

Feel better soon!

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 and ~Dierdre~ wrote1 day, 1 hour ago

Feel better soon, I have been grappling with what feels like a broken neck myself, nerve is pinched, have had a massive unrelenting headache for a week. Been to the chiro today so hoping it helps, guess time will tell x
Take care, say hi to Myrtle for me, I'm only around to check food and grow the eternal candies. When I'm done it's back to cake full time, forever lol xx

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 and αnnαвєllє wrote1 day, 2 hours ago

Hope you feel better very soon, Judi....take care of yourself xxx

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 and Tickler wrote2 days, 12 hours ago

Summer colds are awful. They seem to stay at the annoying level no matter what you do. I hope you're feeling well soon. Myrtle will have to help out. Be well my dear. :) xx

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 and Dolores wrote2 days, 14 hours ago

Hi Judi and Myrtle,  Yes, I've got my Tesco delivery sorted for this coming Thursday afternoon.  It will certainly be helpful, particularly, as the mornings and evenings get darker (I'm not supposed to drive in the dark because of the cataracts).  I'm relieved it's one problem less.

I did three full days at the library last week and, although absolutely shattered, I slept really well and really enjoyed having some contact with others.  We still were able to stick to the 2 metre distancing rule.  We're hoping to do an amnesty return of all library books in August, though it will be several months before any library will be allowed to open like before.  If, of course, we have to lockdown again, we might not be able to re-open this year.  Many of our customers are elderly (several in their nineties and, one lady, who will be 100 in August!!!).

I've just got back from a two hour walk with Pam and Freddie (my greyhound friend and his Mum).  Always feel better for it.  Last night two friends who live nearby invited me for dinner (originally to sit in the garden, but as it wasn't very warm we did eat in the dining room; they at one end of the table and me at the opposite end).  It worked quite well and it's only 5 mins walk for me and I didn't need to use their loo.

I do hope your boys have been able to visit this weekend.  It certainly helps to spend time with people.

I'm back at the library tomorrow, but will catch up when I'm able.

Looking forward to hearing what Myrtle has been up to.  Dolores must have taken herself off to stay with friends this weekend as she's not been around.

Lynne & Lady D xx

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 and Her Angels wrote2 days, 23 hours ago

We hope you're feeling better soon 🥰

I would love to roam a Viking village!! Most things I read are historical,  and love reading about ancient peoples, places and how they lived. I'm halfway done with Sarum and next up is London!! 😎🧚‍♀️

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 and Bec wrote2 days, 23 hours ago

Hi Judi  :) Sorry to hear your not feeling well  :(  It's been real hot here, we finally got a little rain yesterday my flowers and grass sure needed it, Been in the 90's for days but it's better then the cold I've been staying home leading such a boring life lol Starting Sunday any where you go you will have to wear a mask :( can't stand it so I stay close to home. Try to have a better day tomorrow and stay safe :) Tell Myrtle to take care of you.

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 and αnnαвєllє wrote3 days, 2 hours ago

Hi Judi...not a bad day here, warm but clouds kept appearing. Looks good for tomorrow though. Hope your sniffle gets better soon....glad Myrtle enjoyed the Jorvik Centre! xx

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 and Myrtle wrote3 days, 4 hours ago

Not feeling 100% today, bit achey and sniffy, just a Summer Cold I guess. Most of the day drifted away in a comfy sleep with the odd cup of tea and Biscotti biscuits. Really felt I could have eaten some cake, but best not to although it would have been the very best way to spend a Saturday.
Myrtle disappeared this morning and came home for lunch smelling a bit strange, from visiting the Viking Centre.  After telling me about the strange clothes Vikings wore and the horrible stench that was in their cellar, she went off to make clothes and weapons to be a Viking. Later she returned  looking very much like the pictures of the Vikings I have seen with a helmet, shield and axe, which she was quite taken with. She kept picking at the rough, drab clothes covering her delicate  frame, which she was not impressed with. After prancing around in front of the mirror tweaking them here and there and everywhere they were hastily discarded and replaced with similar garments of bright colours. The helmet, axe and shield are now with her whizzing round Fairyland, not sure which hand she is holding the watering can in !!
Stay safe and carry on having a great weekend.   M&J

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 and Her Angels wrote4 days, 1 hour ago

Hello Judi. I'm in Victoria,  BC and weather is gorgeous here, hot.but not too hot. I'm sure Myrtles 💖 was in the right place, but yes, you should always ask first!!  Its Fri dinner time here but I'm not to keen on eating just yet as I had to have a colonoscopy this morning and my tummy isn't up for it yet. 🥴 My Angel was with me the whole time holding my hand so I made it through 🥰

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