Joyluck is busy but will try to keep tables topped up for all her fairy visitors!
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TypeCreative Fairy
Born OnMarch 5th (age: 14 years, 9 months)
Human's NameIngrid
GardenWellington's World of Daring Dreams!
Sprinkle Gold 


Annette and Willow1 week, 4 days ago

Thank you for spotting my rainbow fly.

Bev and Celestiana3 weeks ago

Thanks so much for spotting one of our Golden Dragons, was it your first? Yes, they really are magnificent and so are the lovely diamonds we get from spotting them 😄🦄

Jette and SILKE AND SOFIA4 weeks, 1 day ago

Thank you 😊

Lorna and Fingolfin NDMP And FFG1 month, 1 week ago

Thanks for spotting our green fly x

Dena and Flea1 month, 3 weeks ago

thats the good thing about this game. when you get bored with something you can always come back to it. I was gone for over a year and just came back recently to do the candies. Good luck to ya!

Glenda and Walter Hope That You All Have Fun Here2 months, 3 weeks ago

Thanks for spotting the Rainbow Pup at mine

Katherine and Thessely3 months ago

Thanks! How nice of you.  The rail is finished and looks fabulous. It's the most difficult part because of all of the sanding. The whole deck is over 30 years old, but it has been pretty well maintained. We've  been here almost 10 years and we clean every year, then sand and re-stain every 3 years. But this time, there were a few deck boards that had major cracks, so we decided to replace them. Hoping to get that done over the next two weeks. So, we are getting there, and it is going to be fabulous!

Shari and Katy3 months ago

I had charts everywhere! Hahah. I didn’t finish the rainbow, it was to hard and you don’t get anything! Sweet dreams.

Katherine and Thessely3 months ago

Yay!!Thanks so much for spotting. I'm so glad you got something you can use! We were staining our deck rails today, and it took longer than expected. That part is done now. We are waiting for a wood delivery so we can make a few deck repairs and then we can button up that project. Long day, but feels good. Will try to return some sprinkles after dinner.

Kandle and Karma3 months, 1 week ago

Ty for spotting

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