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Short Guide to the Scarecrows and Witches (updated 17/10/13)
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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

The first thing you need in your garden is a Scarecrow gift.  This takes the form of a stick which you will build your Scarecrow around.  Your friends can send you one as a free gift, or you can buy your own for 10 gold by clicking the gift box icon underneath your garden and selecting the Buy For Myself button underneath the Scarecrow.

Once your Scarecrow is in your garden, you will need to find four items of clothing to dress it.  Each item of clothing is dropped by Hallowe’en and Zombie wildlife – every fifth of each kind that you spot in other gardens will drop a specific item which will be added to your Scarecrow.

This is a list of the items which you need, and which animal(s) drop those items.  Each animal will only drop the item which you see listed here.  The Zombie mice and ducks always give items for the witch scarecrow, the Ghostly mice and ducks give random colours and styles so will sometimes drop black items for the witch scarecrow - the developers have stated that there is a 1 in 7 chance of items dropped by Hallowe'en wildlife being witch parts.

SHIRT:  Black Cat, Ghostly White Mouse, Zombie White Mouse
HAT:  Bat, Ghostly Pygmy Mouse, Zombie Pygmy Mouse, Zombie Field Mouse
HEAD:  Ghostly Field Mouse
LEGS:  Ghostly Mallard, Zombie Mallard

WITCH SCARECROWS are built in the same way as the ordinary scarecrows, but need particular items of clothing.  There are two different types of black shirt (both come with a broomstick), two different types of black skirt for legs (one has a cat, one does not), and one black witches hat (pointed, with a buckle).  No other items of clothing will count towards completing the witch.  The only black shirts and legs/skirts available are clothes for the witches, but there are other black hats so be careful that you have the correct one before completing your witch.  You cannot discard any of the items once the crow has completed the scarecrow by adding the face.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SCARECROW IN YOUR GARDEN WHICH COULD USE THE ITEM you will be given a Trick or Treat seed instead.  This will be stored in the Misc section of the Seed Shop, and you can plant it at any time.  When it’s ready to harvest it will give you either a Trick or a Treat - the Tricks are spooky backgrounds which will last for three days once the plant is ready to harvest, the Treat is a bag of 50 gold when you harvest the plant.

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE SCARECROW IN YOUR GARDEN WHICH COULD USE THE ITEM it will go to the Scarecrow furthest to the left as you look at your screen.  If you have one Scarecrow which you wish to be completed first, keep that to the left of any other scarecrows in your  garden.

DISCARDING CLOTHING ITEMS: Scarecrow items may be discarded if you wish.  Hover your mouse over the scarecrow, and click the More Info link.  This will bring up a list of the items your scarecrow has, and you will see the option to discard them there.  However, you can only discard items from an incomplete scarecrow; once the crow has carved the face to complete the scarecrow, the items cannot be discarded.

ONCE YOUR SCARECROW HAS ALL FOUR ITEMS OF CLOTHING you will see a message when you hover your mouse over it which says “Still needs a scary face”.  You get the scary face to complete your Scarecrow by putting out Bird Mix to attract a Crow.  When the Crow is attracted, it will carve a face for your Scarecrow.  You will also get a background effect of fallen Autumn leaves.  You can animate this effect to make the leaves blow in the wind if you also have a Ventus Quatriflorus planted in an Old Boot.

ONCE YOUR SCARECROW OR WITCH HAS A SCARY FACE it will deter Crows from your garden.  So each Scarecrow can only attract one Crow (unless you are lucky enough to get “twins” where the same Crow is programmed onto two plates of food at the same time).  You will also need to make sure that you send any Scarecrows with faces to your storage area if you wish to attract more Crows to other Scarecrows.

STORING AND HARVESTING:  You will be able to store your Scarecrow at any point, whether it is completed or not.  Once you have completed your Scarecrow by adding a scary face, you will see the option to either Store or Harvest it.  IF YOU HARVEST IT, YOU WILL LOSE IT.  Harvesting gives 10 square feet of Rainforest protection, and leaves a new blank stick in your garden for you to complete.

ATTRACTING ZOMBIES: If you have a completed Witch scarecrow in your garden, you can attract Zombie mice and mallards as long as you also have a RTH Hallowe'en plant in your garden which is giving the flying witch background.

This link shows all the different scarecrow parts
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 and happy wrote6 years, 11 months ago

Do you have to a
ttract the crow to carve a face before the zombies arrive  please?
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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

Yes, the witch isn't complete without the face.
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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

[Post deleted by author]
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 and Effie wrote6 years, 11 months ago

So, do we discard the random clothes and wait for witch idems and not build a scarecrow but build a witch instead????

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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

Only if you want to build a witch; you can build scarecrows if you want to.
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 and Bluebell Ireland wrote6 years, 11 months ago

Just one more question - does the witch have to have a pumpkin face? my scarecrow has an apple head and not sure whether to discard it or if it will do for a witch
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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

Any head will do.
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 and Dotty wrote6 years, 11 months ago

is it only the ghstly field mouse that gives u a head ???x
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 and Cobweb wrote6 years, 11 months ago

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