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Vases are they worth the effort?
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Han and Co Co (Hannah)1 month, 1 week ago

Just wondering what others thoughts are, considering the effort it takes to attract the gold wildlife there doesn't seem to be much of an incentive for the garden owners

Claire and Sparkles 1 month, 1 week ago

Yes, for me they are. It's a fun challenge, very low pressure and no time constraints, and can take as much or as little effort as you choose. The bouquets are very pretty. The gold wildlife is a nice extra. I'm enjoying it.

Han and Co Co (Hannah)1 month, 1 week ago

Glad you are enjoying it Clare :)
I just wish there was a reward for garden owners as well as the spotter to recognise how long it takes to attract each one

Genny and Ramona Ellafair And Gnolan1 month, 1 week ago

We've been asking for the return of bouquets for so long. I love it that we get to make our own unique bouquets in different vases, we can make as many or as few as we like, we can discard the flowers and use the vases alone, and it's ongoing with more vase choices to come.

Han and Co Co (Hannah)1 month, 1 week ago

I think I was on a break when the past bouquets came around then I saw one years later in someone's garden that they'd held onto all that time

Tehmineh and Shehrzade1 month ago

Hmm which year was it 🤔 I can't remember

Tracey and Cobweb1 month ago

May 2009, I think.  So nearly 15 years now.

Tehmineh and Shehrzade1 month ago

Thanks Tracey. It was before I started playing. Take care 🙂

Andrea and Pᥲpεя Cяᥲղε (Oɾἶzυяυ)\_(ツ)_/¯1 month ago

I’m loving the bouquets.  You just have to be patient with them; there really is no need to rush them.  They look stunning too once complete. It’s a ‘thumbs up’ from me!

Bridget and Aidan 1 month ago

I’m still struggling to spot anything in ôter gardens, so far I have spotted 17 that have not helped build my flowers , I have attracted 13 in my garden but none have helped to build it, so I to may just use the verses for other plants it’s just costing so much to do ! Ty
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