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Which challenge was your favourite
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Jean and Greeba On Top Of Snaefell Stalking Unicorns3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed the Butterflies/caterpillars and also the Bee challenge. Both done along time ago. What was yours?

Tracey and Cobweb3 weeks ago

Fairytales, I adored doing them and so looked forward to each one being released.

I loved the Candies too, at least first time round.  I wasn't so keen on having to do them all again later to get the rainbows, but I really enjoyed them up to violet (frustrations and all!).

Claire and Sparkles 3 weeks ago

Fairytales were my absolute favourite. Also enjoyed butterflies and bees and rainforest/endangered.

J.B. and Cashew3 weeks ago

For me all the Pond challenges, especially Bottom dwellers. BDs are quite complex because they involve some other pond challenges: pond myths, rainbow of fish and frog breeding. I really enjoy them.

I haven't finished everything in Fairyland yet and I like to switch between a trail of topiaries, a round of Alice or candies and a quest here and there. That way I'm never tired of them. The only challenge that doesn't look enticing are the Chameleons. But who knows, maybe one day I'll get to that too.

Grayce and Lucky Beans3 weeks ago

The butterflies were my favorite 😊 The Easter chicks are a lot of fun too!

Mary and Snapdragon3 weeks ago


Mary and Snapdragon3 weeks ago

Also Chameleons. The rainbow chameleon flower is so pretty too.

Tina and Billy's Garden2 weeks, 6 days ago

Loved Alice.

Deirdre and Orla ( Emerald Isles )2 weeks, 4 days ago

Oh gosh I am hard pushed to pick one I loved them all, well except for candies and we won't go there lol, hmmm butterflies if pushed but mostly because it was my very first big challenge and got me into doing them, for sure the pond to I loved all the pond challenges as well.

Danijela and Marie Fredriksson ♫2 weeks, 3 days ago

I loved Bees and then Alice was also fun. :)
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