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Sherrie and Summer 8 months ago

How do I block someone?

Peta and Prairie8 months ago

Hi Sherrie - if you go to the back wall you will see a link to block garden under their photo on the right hand side at the top - this is also where you go to unblock a garden (unless you have used a superblock in which case you will not find the garden again).

Tracey and Cobweb8 months ago

Just be aware that blocking will not prevent someone watering, only from posting.  You can superblock once you've done an ordinary block, but that can't be undone, even by Support.

Sherrie and Summer 8 months ago

There is nothing under their picture to let me block them. What do I do now?

Claire and Sparkles 8 months ago

I'm not sure what you mean - there's always something there, either the block or unblock option. Make sure you are looking in the right place - it's on their back wall, at the top right side of the profile box. In small text it should have [Block] below the small profile pic and in line with the "Born on" row of text to the left side of the profile.

Sherrie and Summer 8 months ago

I understand that but for some reason there is nothing under the picture of this person. I wish there was someway for me to show you. Is this something that support can help me with?

Sherene and Gnomeo 8 months ago

Unless they have blocked you maybe?

Amanda and Ʈɨǵεя ɭiℓy Ʈђє Kєηtiṡђ Ƒaεяiε 8 months ago


If you don't see the Block option, thenit's likely you are Facebook friends, you won'rt see the block option in this instance so you'd need to Unfriend them on Facebook first then Block them within FL after

Sherene and Gnomeo 8 months ago

Oh yes! I forgot about that Amanda! :)

Sherrie and Summer 8 months ago

Thank you all for your help.
I do not know this person. I am not friends with them on any social media. When I go to “All Gardens” they are listed under “Your Friends Garden”  I did not add them and I can not remove them nor can I block them. I think it’s a bug or glitch in the game. Can one of the developers @mike can you help me?
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