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Ventus Quatriflorus

Carmel and Bravina1 year ago

I thought there was a way to change the direction of the  VQ. But, I don’t see where if it is possible. Thank you.

Carmel and Bravina1 year ago

I should have been more specific…the flower, not RFH. To attract Tiger.

Scott and Harry1 year ago

I think u can but it has to be ready to harvest

Carmel and Bravina1 year ago

Ok. To attract Tiger it is just the flower and not RFH. Today is Friday, and flower needs to be facing south. That is my dilemma.Thanks again.

Cindy and C̤̈ħɾყʂǟl̰̃i̥ͦs͜͡1 year ago you have a crystal ball pot? You can see direction there or just keep dusting up new plants til you get the right one....

Carmel and Bravina1 year ago

I do not have a crystal ball pot. Therefore, I need to plant more than one I order to get all directions. Only thing, fit Tiger I can only have “one “ plant in garden.
Gosh, I wish I had known about the crystal pot. Never thought about seeing the directions of the compass!

Agnes and « Sapphire Blue » FFU «1 year ago


The crystal ball pots are on sale in the marketplace for 4 x gold dust, if you are able to make purchases there. 
I use mine all the time, especially for the Fructus Randomus, saves lots of diamond dusting to get the plant you want. x

Carmel and Bravina1 year ago

I just purchased a crystal ball pot. Thank you 🥰
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