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Short guide to Cupcake Building (Easter Egg Plant 2023)
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Tracey and Cobweb1 week, 4 days ago

The instructions are fairly clear under the Help link, when you have an Egg Plant in your garden, but as it still seems to be causing some confusion I thought it might be worth trying to explain in a bit more detail about how the Egg Building works, particularly as it's a bit different this year to previous years.
The most common mistake people make is not realising that you have to ATTRACT Easter wildlife in order to build the eggs, not spot in other gardens.  You will need to do some spotting in other gardens to get Easter Eggs/Chocolate Eggs into nests but to build the Cupcakes, you need to attract wildlife to your own garden.
To attract the Easter Bunny and Chocolate Bunnies you will need some completed nests (hummingbird nests are ideal for Easter eggs as they never need repairing).  It doesn't matter which birds added to the nest.  You will also need some underwater seeds, as you will need to attract Baby Sea-Horses.  If you need to build or repair a nest or earn some seeds, it's probably best to do that before you start, as you can only keep the egg in your garden for two weeks before it becomes ready for harvest.

Accept an Easter Egg Plant gift or buy one for yourself, and get it to fully grown.

There is also a short link for the gift so you can get one for free rather than having to buy it:

You can use diamond dust to speed this up or leave it to grow naturally.  It won't say it's "fully grown" (it will say that it is "incomplete") but once it's got the leaves on the plant, it's ready.  You then need to ATTRACT five different Easter wildlife to build the Cupcake. 

This year (2023) you must add the parts in a specific order.  The order is listed under the plant itself so you can refer to that if you need to, until the Cupcake is complete.  Click or hover your mouse over the plant, and click the Help link.


You must start with a Cupcake Case (dropped only by the Easter Bunny).

Then you need an Egg (dropped by all Easter Wildlife except the Easter Bunny, egg colour depends on wildlife colour).   This simply means that the colour of the egg (which will later be almost covered by the icing) will be the same as the colour of the wildlife which dropped it.  You can use chocolate bunnies, Easter chicks, or Baby Seahorses.

The next step is Icing (dropped by Easter Chicks or Chocolate Bunnies).  Again, the colour of the icing will be the same as the colour of the wildlife which dropped it.  This will be the main colour that you see.

Next you need Sprinkles (which are only dropped by Chocolate Bunnies - any colour will drop the sprinkles).

And finally you will need to go underwater for Something On Top (which is only dropped by Seahorses).

There are different shapes/colours of the Sprinkles and Something On Top, which may be determined by the colour of the seahorse or bunny which dropped them, but that's beyond the remit of this thread :)

You only need to attract one of each to add a piece to the Cupcake.  If you have multiple plants the item will go to the furthest plant to the left that it can, so don't forget that there are times when whatever animal you use to get one piece can be attracted again to add decoration to it.  So if you wanted to get two eggs for example, rather than an egg and then icing, you would want to move the plants around once the first egg is in place so that the empty plant is to the left of the one with the egg.
The Cupcake is complete once you have collected all five parts.  As soon as it is completed it becomes ready for harvest.  You can harvest the plant at any time after it becomes ready for harvest, and it will change into a pot with the same decorations as the egg.
If you want to try to build a giant Cupcake, you have the 24 hours after it is RTH in which to grow it larger.  This time, wildlife you spot will count as well as wildlife you attract.  The amount of growth is equivalent to the diamond value of the wildlife you spot/attract.   You don't get double the value if you spot a garden first which gives double diamonds, though.
It is also worth mentioning that if you complete an egg and then attract other wildlife, they would add weight to the completed one rather than adding items to any other eggs in your garden.  If you don't want this to happen, move the completed egg to the right of any others which you are building.
You have two weeks to complete the Cupcake, after which time it will become ready for harvest even if it is not completed.  If this happens, you will not get the pot when you harvest it.

Sandra and Midnight Sᴛᴀʀ ⭐️1 week, 4 days ago

Thank you Tracey. The more detailed instructions are always very helpful to me.

Vicky and Eurydice1 week, 4 days ago

I wanted to say thank you because you are putting a lot of effort into helping with  the game. I also found the autogifting link very useful

Caryl and Arnie And Jorgi1 week, 4 days ago

Thanks Tracey. This info was badly needed. :)

Michelle and Cσя∂єℓια1 week, 4 days ago

Thank you, Tracey. Very helpful!

Mieke and Lady Galadriel❤ 1 week, 3 days ago

Thank YOU, Tracey and Cobweb!

Ellen and Amethyst1 week, 3 days ago

Tracey TYSM makes perfect  sense now 

Karen and Karenfairy1 week, 3 days ago

Thank you for clarifying.  Instructions were confusing.

Michelle and Miss Spicy 1 week, 3 days ago

Thank you Tracey, this is the way you explained the egg to me & it finally clicked..."Then you need to get an egg onto the egg plant.  You do that by attracting any other Easter wildlife apart from the Easter bunny (so you would need to attract an Easter chick, chocolate bunny, or seahorse)"

Tammy and Prissy1 week, 3 days ago

Tracey thank you so much for the clarification. The only question I still have is the brown cupcake cases are random as well no way to get that by having certain wildlife in our gardens?
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