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Blast from the Past
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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Karen and Isis ~ NZ1 year ago

Thought you might enjoy my FB status I did in 2010 that came up in my Memories today.  I can't remember food taking that long lol. 

Fairyland Friends:  Got an organic platter at 7 hrs 20 mins.  Could be an ordinary hedgehog or badger.  Or it could be an albino of the same.  Please have a stalk if you can.

Tracey and Cobweb1 year ago

I remember a friend of mine posting, not long after wildlife was introduced, that it had been over 30 hours since the last visit, so something must be due within the next few hours!

Thank goodness things were speeded up :D

Karen and Isis ~ NZ1 year ago

Wow, 30 hours!!  Yes thank goodness.  I wonder if it was a plate of Mixed Veggies I had out.  I do remember Mixed Nuts :-)

Tracey and Cobweb1 year ago

Food could go up to about 36 hours in the beginning!  And nobody complained; it was all very new and exciting for a while. 

There was mixed nuts and plain nuts, as well as mixed veggies and plain veggies.  The plain veggies were done away with, along with both types of nuts.  Pretty sure the nuts disappeared when the wild berries came in for the Fairytales but I could be wrong about that.  I do remember the howls of disapproval when the nuts disappeared, because they made Red Squirrels incredibly easy to attract, since dragons didn't eat them and you could eliminate all of the competition very easily.

Chloe and Amalthea (the Bookworm)1 year ago

I do miss having a food the dragons didn't eat, most times I feel the myths are more of a pest then the actual mice LOL!

Pam and Crossbow( And Tiggy )1 year ago

You are correct Tracey - the berries came and the nuts went. I never used to put veggies out because they didn't look a nice lol ! I was just levelling up plants blissfully unaware that animals visited ! When I did I went crazy trying to spot everything and got into trouble for swooping a butterfly which horrified me because I thought I had broken a proper game rule. A kind fairy told me I hadn't done anything wrong which is when I discovered chatting ! I do't even know how I started playing but at that point I fell totally in love with this game. Sorry I have wandered way off topic !

Whissy and Pffftwinkie♪”˜˜*☆ 1 year ago

i remember the excitement of my first mouse!

Karolina Frederika and FIFI1 year ago

I called hubby to have a look at my first mouse!

Karen and Isis ~ NZ1 year ago

Lol about the mice.  Yes I remember being very excited and wondering how you would know when they showed.  I remember my grandson aged about 2 telling his mother that Nana had a hedgehog in her garden and my daughter in law thought he meant outside in my real garden.   

Eloise and Twig 1 year ago

I remember a 30 hour plate when I was waiting for my first kiwi. So many visitors just to see if it had arrived!
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