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Free Gold: Easter Leftovers Edition!
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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Lisa and Vienna1 month ago

Hello! Easter Weekend was lovely with the free Superfood, and I want to keep the fun going a little longer with a free Gold gift for you.

If some extra Gold would be useful to you, you can claim it! It's one gift per fairy - so no fake/multiple accounts, please. Fairies with private Gardens are welcome to claim.

To claim your gift, leave a reply including the words "FREE GOLD".

The gift is 20 Gold, but the first 8 fairies who reply will get double!

I will post again when I can't gift any more. Lisa xx

Alexandra and Iridessa1 month ago

Hi Lisa  tysm for your kind offer of FREE GOLD, I try to manage my gold but it soon seems to dwindle especially when doing a challenge. x

Elizabeth and Flower Power! ✿♥1 month ago

Hi Lisa 😊 Free Gold please ❤️

Joueur and Aria1 month ago

Please if you can spare

Marica and Maryel1 month ago

FREE GOLD thank you Lisa for your kindness :)

Megan and MinnieMaura1 month ago

free gold would be wonderful!!

Ann and FƛȊƦƳƝƲFF (FFG Admin)1 month ago

FREE GOLD would be wonderful if you can spare it Lisa ♥

Ivana and Andjela1 month ago

FREE GOLD would be great and daffodil plant also 😊

Diana and Faith 1 month ago

Free gold if still available. ty

Carrie and Villow1 month ago

Free Gold would be very helpful if still available? xx
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