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♫ can the circle, please be broken? ♫

 and Pffftwinkie♪”˜˜*☆1 week ago

would love to attract a frog, but first i need to attract a froglet
to attract a froglet, i need to first attract a tadpole
to get a tadpole, i need frog spawn
to get frog spawn, i need a frog

it's a closed circle

can anyone tell me what i'm missing?

i have scrutinized the frog breeding instructions over and over.

i have spotted
16 tadpoles
10 froglets
10 adult frogs under water
8 adult frogs not under water
1 ghostly frog
so, 10 complete sets?
if i need more complete sets, there are few places attracting tadpoles and froglets. 

thanks in advance.

 and Amelia1 week ago

Hi Whissy, it looks like you need to spot more complete sets to attract another five land frogs to your garden, which will give you the spawn to start the under water cycle again

Does this help?

Frog spotting:

Current spots in other gardens:
Tadpole 16
Froglet 10
Underwater frog 10
Ghost Frog 1
Land frogs spotted in your garden 10
Land frogs due in your garden 0

Current spots in your garden:
Tadpole 2
Froglet 2
Underwater frogs 2
Ghost frogs 0
Under water frogs due in your garden 0

 and *Zed* With Newt1 week ago

You would need to spot five more froglets...and four more underwater frogs(either regular or ghostly) to be able to attract one land frog in your garden which would leave spawn.

 and Angel Lεօ, Anna And Filbert Merrywhistle 1 week ago

Just to clarify what Mary said, if you spot 5 more froglets and 4 underwater frogs (regular or ghostly) you can attract 5 more land frogs to your garden and the 5th one will lay spawn if you have an empty table out when it visits. You will then need to go underwater as soon as possible so that tadpoles will hatch, and the cycle of frog breeding continues. For frog breeding purposes, you can ignore land frogs you spot in other gardens as they won't help you to attract anything to your Garden.

 and *Zed* With Newt1 week ago

Yes...thanks Flossie. I wasn't clear with my explanation. If you spot those numbers I suggested, then the fifth land frog attracted to your garden would lay spawn. Land frogs are only important to the garden owner...for spotting purposes they have no value other than for any gems that they would give and for colouring in its picture.

 and Pffftwinkie♪”˜˜*☆1 week ago

GREAT thank you thank you thank you
so it won't be possible this year to get a ghostly frog but now i have a year to collect another complete set from the very few places hosting frog breeding


 and *Zed* With Newt1 week ago

You might be able to...just keep checking the wildlife tabs for underwater gardens...they could pop up in the next while after people get their giant pumpkins grown. You could always keep a couple Hallowe'en plants in your greenhouse and do when you are ready.
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