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 and Daisy (UK)1 week ago

Got right hand card correct got mouse to come X still trying to get middle card right X no messages yet for the left hand card X after getting mouse on right side now get a message saying too low thought it would stay till I get the other two cards right then that would attract the next animals . Confused

 and ❤?❤?❤ G'Nikkolai Tasmania FFU Storyteller1 week ago

the mouse will reset, as happens each time (occasionally the new random card turns out to be the same; you did the right thing waiting for a helper to tell you the old card for the Mouse is now too low ). Each Alice character works individually; with helpers telling you if current card is too high or too low.  This narrows the range of cards to try out.  You may host more of The Mouse before hosting the other two Alice critters, for example.

 and Daisy (UK)1 week ago

Thanks x

 and Twinky-Proud ALFF And Freedom FairyMember1 week ago

does all three cards have to be diamonds to get the first set of caucus critters?

 and Juniper And Periwinkle The Gnome1 week ago

The 3 cards work independently, so a diamond suit card could attract a caucus critter if it's one of the 3 cards you have out. The club card won't attract anything unless you have completed the Caucus Race part of Alice.

 and Galadriel 6 days, 19 hours ago

But the club card won’t stop caucus race critters so I guess to your other two cards, it simply won’t attract anything itself.  So, no, you don’t need to have all three cards diamonds to attract caucus race critters, so a club (or other suit, once they’re released) can be used to fill a space
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