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Candy critters

 and Lacerta Rex, King Of The Lizards1 week, 1 day ago

I've been doing the candy critters for 6 weeks now and need to double check something.
Is there a different sequence for each critter or once you have the correct sequence you just change the food to attract the different critters?



 and Scout 1 week, 1 day ago

This set of posts from the FAQs can explain alot about candy critters.    Yes, there is a different sequence (and potentially different color set) for each type of critter. You'll want to take notes/ make a chart to remember what you have spotted with each shape and color.  You can change the food for any set of critters to see if any of the shapes work to bring in other critters. You can also move the shape positions to see if they will be useful for other critters. I started out a bit random, but after they added violet and rainbow critters found it was easier to get through the set of a critter by sticking with the shapes I had and trying to find the color of shape needed.  Before I would shift to the next critter, I would try new foods out. Then, I'd go with the next critter that I had the most correct shapes for.

 and Lacerta Rex, King Of The Lizards1 week ago

Thanks. I have an advance excel table which I have created which takes into account shape, shape colour, critter, critter colour,food type and position.

 and Fae-Rae 1 week ago

I do not understand why different colours of the same shape attract the same colour creature, will never get out of the bit with this. I previously got a Yellow Cherrymole when I had a pink triangle in the middle, this time, same yellow Cherrymole but the triangle is orange. It seems so random!

 and Fae-Rae 1 week ago

Candydevil not Cherrymole!

 and Cobweb1 week ago

The colour you get is a clue to which colour you will need for each position to attract the violet of that critter.

Yellow is telling you that the triangle in the middle is the correct shape.  You just have to work out the correct colour.  You've already tried yellow and violet which didn't work, so you need to aim for more triangles but in different colours until you work out which is the right colour for that position to eventually attract the violet of that animal.

Once you have the correct colour, you'll attract the green Candydevil and you'll therefore know that you have the correct shape AND colour.

It's the same for the other two plant positions too.  Attracting red ones tells you that the leftmost candy is the correct shape but the wrong colour.  Once you get the correct colour, it attracts orange.  And for the rightmost candy, you'll attract blue critters if the shape is right but the colour is wrong.  The correct colour attracts indigo.

 and Fae-Rae 1 week ago

Thankyou, agree with person who said a clue would help, as in the playing cards. Only thing I haven’t really understood!
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