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A Quick Primer on Obtaining & Spending Gold?
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 and Galadriel1 month ago

I'm looking for clarification about getting gold. 

We can get gold in the following ways: (?)

1) when the ladybug is ready
2) harvesting the jewel plants
3) buying gold

The only things that require gold: (?)

1) fairy dust for herbalism
2) organic food
3) sprinkles over & above your 40 (or 80) daily free.

Is this it in a nutshell?

 and Cobweb1 month ago

There are other seasonal plants which give gold when you harvest (like the shamrock), and the daffodils give extra sprinkles, but otherwise that's about it.

 and Galadriel1 month ago

Ok, great.  Thanks. :D

 and Autumnal PF And Flabbits¸¸.♥¨¯`♥¸¸.♥1 month ago

Other ways to get gold include:
Leveling up
Spotting “firsts” - myths and families
TOT “treat” seeds

 and * Carragh *1 month ago

Does anyone know when the next gold offer would be?

 and Flute And Sir Cumference Of Nii 1 month ago

Probably fairly soon. They are usually every three months Feb/May/Aug/Nov roughly but no guarantees that what has happened in the past will occur in the future.

 and ~✫♪✫~Starlite~✫♪✫~1 month ago

Amy- the last one was in march which would put it at june following the past schedule :)

 and Daisy1 month ago

How do you get 80 sprinkles a day?

 and Little (FFU)1 month ago

Louisa - randomly we will get 80 drops vs. the normal 40 drops when you collect your daily sprinkles. It's random. Apparently not everyone has gotten it and there are times when I don't notice I've received it until after I start my watering.

 and 420 Fiona1 month ago

I didn’t notice when I got mine for the first time last week either. Fun surprise when I started watering! :)
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