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the new challenge
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 and Poppy1 month ago

[Post deleted by author]

 and Mirabelle1 month ago

It doesn't say anything about a reward for the new challenge.  And why would we get another greenhouse?

 and Pink Magnolia1 month ago

The topiaries will not take a few weeks to complete.  It will take me a year probably as I have to start from the beginning.  It takes me at least a month to do 1 dinosaur. 

 and Mina♥1 month ago

I’m disappointed. I’m finding the topiary challenge too difficult and expensive. I buy gold and still have trouble. I wish that they wouldn’t make it so hard.

 and Cobweb1 month ago

The News page says that the new challenge will be "perfectly do-able" without a greenhouse.

 and 420 Fiona1 month ago

We can do the new challenge without the greenhouse, as Tracey pointed out that the news page clearly stated. I don’t have a greenhouse and I’m so excited! No reason for disappointment that I can think of! I hope for Mike’s sake that everyone takes the time to read what he posted before asking for things like a second greenhouse or before getting upset or disappointed for no reason.
I can’t wait to see what this new release is! :)

 and Gnomeo1 month ago

I don't think it would be a 2nd greenhouse if there is any reward, I sincerely hope not. 3 spaces are more than enough.

 and Autumnal PF And Flabbits¸¸.♥¨¯`♥¸¸.♥1 month ago

I think it’s important to note that Mike has not said anything about offering a reward for completing the upcoming challenge. I’m just grateful he gave everyone a ‘heads up’ that the greenhouse might offer an advantage so each player can determine if they want to set up to start/progress/finish the topiaries if they wish.

 and Aventurine1 month ago

I find myself wishing for a greenhouse to finish the topiaries, lol!

 and Storm1 month ago

My friend finished the candies (rainbow ones too) without a greenhouse - I have a greenhouse and it sometimes gave me more problems!!! Lol 😂 xx
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