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 and CiCi wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Can you unblock someone from garden?
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 and Little (FFU) wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Yes, you just need to get to their back wall and you can unblock them. If you didn't save their back wall link, you have 2 options to find the garden again:

1. have a friend find it for you and provide a link to their back wall
2. use the player made browser extension Fairy Ring go to the Misc tab. I believe this only works on Chrome, but just do a Google search of "Fairy Ring browser extension" to find it
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 and Ramona Ellafair And Gnolan wrote1 week, 1 day ago

I use Fairy Ring on Firefox on my laptop.
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 and Sweet wrote1 week, 1 day ago

If they post a Ad in News you can click on their reply button and usually go to their back wall, unless they blocked you, then you can't.
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