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I find sweettooth very difficult to type.
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 and Jessica-Elise wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

double e, double t, double o

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 and Cobweb wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

Yes, and me.

And what's the plural?  Sweetteeth sounds wrong; Sweettooths sounds even more wrong!
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 and Moonbeam wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

Yes, I do, too. I guess it keeps us on our toes. LOL

I think we have to go with Sweettooths since Sweettooth is the name of the Candy Critter, but everyone can do as they like! (We could go with Sweet  if it's too painful).
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 and Jessica-Elise wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

How about sweetteeth for plural?

A lot of Candy critters I just use initials (especially if on a tablet)  ST, SS, CD, JB, etc.
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 and Sparkles wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

People abbreviate or nickname FL critters all the time. Sometimes that's confusing (calling caterpillars "worms" has never made a bit of sense to me!) but in this case it would be a blessing! I vote they are "sweets" from now on ;)
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 and Devann wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

i just spotted 2 swweettooths? sweetteeth? sweetteeths? in the same garden and i took a few minutes to try and word my note!

i think "sweets" or "sweettooths" sounds good!
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 and Cobweb wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

I've seen a few people post that they've found a "rainbow (or whatever colour) thing".

"Thing" will do for me!
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 and Blossom From Ottawa, Canada's Capital - GAFF #143 wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

try typing it when the "t" on your computer doesn't work!  I need to copy and paste t's, so I just copy and paste its name when I spot one - copy and pasted 15 t's here LOL!
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 and Aida wrote2 days, 14 hours ago

I found the same difficulty. It's sweetie for me now 😄
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