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Pots with/without chocolate

 and Tίɳgєℓíɳg wrote8 months ago

I've noticed that a wilting Chocolate Candyflower's pot has no melted chocolate on it, but it returns when the flower is revived.

Has anyone removed a wilting flower? What happens to the pot? Is that a trick to "save" a pot if one has planted in a pot and regretted it? ^_^
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 and Cobweb wrote8 months ago

I could be wrong, but I don't think you can remove a wilting plant, you'd have to revive it first.  I'm pretty sure that when a plant is wilting, the only option is to revive it.
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 and Tίɳgєℓíɳg wrote8 months ago

Ah, thanks Tracey. ^_^
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