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 and Ashley wrote7 months ago

Help!  I planted my candy plants and all I'm getting is water dragons and mice. What am I doing wrong??
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 and Cobweb wrote7 months ago

They aren't ready yet.  They only attract when they're ready to harvest.
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 and Ashley wrote7 months ago

ohhhh - ty Tracey
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 and Daisy wrote7 months ago

How do you get more of the candy plants.

Thank you x
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 and Cobweb wrote6 months, 4 weeks ago

If you leave out an empty hand-painted pot, multiples of five of each of the candy wildlife will plant the seed.  You can see which shape they drop in the Wildlife Guide, the colour will be random.

You can also earn them for every multiple of ten of each spotted in your own garden.  Both the shape and colour of those earned from your own garden will be random.
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 and Daisy wrote6 months, 4 weeks ago

Thank you Tracey I think I understand lol x
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