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Gold and Diamond Gifts for Sweet-Toothed Fairies!
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 and Vienna wrote7 months ago

Hello! First of all, my internet connectivity (or lack thereof) is driving me NUTS! It's been on-and-off all day, and this is my second attempt to post. Hopefully this time I will be able to leave my gift offer here and check in as and when my poor laptop will allow for it.

I am offering gifts of Gold and Diamonds to fairies who are running out and who would appreciate the help to keep playing. I was thinking of Candy hunters, but anyone can claim really.

To receive 30 Gold, reply saying "GOLD".
To receive 150 Diamonds, reply saying "DIAMONDS".
To receive both, reply saying "BOTH".

I can tentatively offer 6 Gold gifts and 6 Diamond gifts, but I will try to update the thread when I can't gift anymore xx
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 and Willow Fey wrote7 months ago

Gold. Thank you x
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 and Lanie wrote7 months ago

Gold please..Thanks
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 and Freya wrote7 months ago

Gold please x That's very kind of you x
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 and Malmequer wrote7 months ago

Gold thank you
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 and ~Dawn's Delight~ wrote7 months ago

Both please x
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 and Kaylee wrote7 months ago

Both please. Thanks.
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 and ❀⊰✿⊰ SƲƝSӇƖƝƐ ⊰❀⊰✿⊰ wrote7 months ago

Gold , please x
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 and Chloe wrote7 months ago

Gold plz x
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 and Vienna wrote7 months ago

Hello, I can't gift any more! xx
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