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My snowman is messed up :(

 and Major wrote6 months ago

I built a Santa and was only missing the beard. Well I just got mouth added and now I can't remove them as you can with individual parts. It's only offering me to harvest him but that means I have to start over the entire process?
With the haloween witch I could remove things as they come to make the black witch
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 and Sara wrote6 months ago

You cannot remove the last item from the snowman which is why you usually leave the eyes or the nose for the last as that doesn't matter which you get to have a Santa Snowman. And yes you will have to start a new snowman if you want to build a Santa Snowman.
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 and Cobweb wrote6 months ago

You can remove any part, up until the final one when the snowman is complete.

It's best to leave the eyes or nose until last, as the Santa can have any eyes or nose.

It's not the same with the witch/scarecrow as you have to attract the crow to carve the mouth, so you can discard any part.
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 and Major wrote6 months ago

:( thank you
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 and Major wrote6 months ago

thank you everyone, I managed to rebuild a new Santa. I removed the eyes and nose 5 times before I managed to complete him but he is finally done :)
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 and Pelico wrote6 months ago

Congrats Nika xxx
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