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 and Snowdrop wrote6 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi Im going to be doing Stingray soon and wondered ,  will it be ok to plant blue pondweed so I can keep it to do the blue coral for when I get to Spidercrabs?
Im trying to work out if I will have enough room in my garden if I dont remove it and whether I will have enought time on it...if I use sf and am lucky enough to get all 10 Stingrays on first go
Any advise will be appreciated  thank you :-)
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 and کթaɾƙɭεs wrote6 months, 2 weeks ago

Let's've already harvested a green coral, so you don't have to worry about that side of things. 

Using the blue pondweed would mean attracting guppies you don't need (while trying to get your corals colored).  It's also going to mean being in a time crunch to get that second set of corals colored since you'll only have 3 days on the pondweed.  Three days to color the corals for the stingrays, get the stingrays, AND color the corals for the crabs may be doable but it may not be, as well.  Plus, if your intent is to use the same corals for the crab as the ray and just add one, you will have already used half (or more) of your time on the corals before you even start attracting the crabs.  Depending on how long it takes to get the blue guppy for the coral, you might have enough time for a plate of super for those crabs or you might have corals going RFH part way through.

And I just noticed that you only have enough tadpoles / froglets to get one plate of spawn underwater. You'd have to surface before getting one of the dwellers, and going back under can take a while, as well.  (This assumes you've spotted at least 30 tadpoles, 30 froglets, and a total of 30 underwater (adult / ghostly) frogs so that you are due a 30th land frog.)

I won't say it can't work, but I will say it's a huge gamble and I wouldn't try it.  You'd have enough room, but a little bad luck with the timing would mean having to do it all again anyway (possibly even wasting most of a plate of spawn in the process).  In my opinion, you'd just be making it harder on yourself; but, then again, some players thrive on the pressure of the challenge.  So, ultimately, it's up to you. 

At the very least, I'd advise getting a plate of spawn from dry land and going under to attract tadpoles first.  That way, you could at least set up to get both plates of spawn underwater and save yourself some time that way.  It still might not work, though, as coloring corals can take quite a while.
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 and Snowdrop wrote6 months, 2 weeks ago

Wow Rachel firstly I have to say an enormous THANK YOU  for such a detailed answer!  I had assumed with the amount of people having done the Bottom Dwellers that I would get a  'yes you can do it /or no you cant do it ' reply  but your working out is amazing! So thank you for that again.
I must admit I was hoping for it to be doable as I have little patience and wanted an easy life so I am glad I asked as I can see it would indeed be a heart racer  trying it !

I had not even thought about the fact that I would need to do the Frogs again to get the second plate of Spawn!

So I will be doing it with the green pondweed first, but just want to check then about the corals...does this mean I have to either grow them all out again, or just remove them...then get all new ones to colour in for each round?  It's just that someone told me to grow the green coral first without colouring it so that when I did the Stingrays I would then not have to wait for it to be rfh before starting the Spidercrabs, which in turn is why I thought about using the blue pondweed in the first place !?

Thank you Rachel :-)
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