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I might be a Halloween pot-aholic
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 and Aladdin Sane wrote2 weeks, 2 days ago

I have 15 of this years Halloween pots so far and 3 more pumpkins growing, so 3 more pots on the way and I think I need roughly 4 or 5 more. I have over 100 hand-painted halloween theme pots I have collected over the years and I think I might need about a dozen or so more of those. I think this is a reasonable amount of pots......
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 and Lottery wrote2 weeks, 1 day ago

The bat pots look like cats to me 😻
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 and Cobweb wrote2 weeks, 1 day ago

I love the bat pot.  Have you seen it with a plant in?  He definitely looks like a bat with his wings outstretched :)
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 and Lottery wrote1 week, 3 days ago

I got my bat and even with the wings out it still looks like a cat ;) luckily both my eye pots are different. I’m trying to decide whether I want to try for two skulls or be happy with one and keep plugging for the bag and or the copper pumpkin as pumpkin season is getting close to being over 😊
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 and Tepish wrote1 week, 3 days ago

I am so disappointed with myself this year. I was so focused on getting the skull pot with fangs that I haven't left myself enough time to collect my usual 7 of each pot.

  Fingers crossed we get 2 years of the current pots as we did with the last collection of Halloween pots. That being said it isn't the end of the world if I only get a couple of each.
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 and Violet #2's Garden Is FFU And NDMP No Rules Garden wrote1 week, 2 days ago

I love this years pots! My planning however is horrible!  But I did get one of each type.
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 and Blossom From Ottawa, Canada's Capital - GAFF #143 wrote1 week ago

I am happy!  I have my one pair of each pot; going for one more Skull pot just to see what a 52 lb pumpkin will produce.  I AM a pot-aholic!!!
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 and Willow Whispers wrote1 day, 3 hours ago

When can we “collect” our pot?
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 and Blossom From Ottawa, Canada's Capital - GAFF #143 wrote1 day, 3 hours ago

when we harvest them - don't pull them before!
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 and //(*_*)\\ And ƓƝЄƊ The ƓƝƠɱЄ wrote1 day ago

15 days this post / thread has been up and only  9 comments..........I really know there are more than 9 Pot-oholics with hundreds of storage shelves full of each pot in multiples......... Maybe they're all in the closet and don't want to recognize their pot addiction???        hahaha   :)     
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