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 and Fire Fly wrote3 months, 1 week ago

I have several issues I think. I'm on a quest for ducks level 1. *i totally forgot about the mice but had it finished* Something about a fairytale. And I have been trying for weeks for a mythical water dragon, I might be doing something wrong. HELP!!!! Please. I had this pole thing up and had no idea what to do w it. Is there like a facebook group or website?
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 and Little (FFU) wrote3 months, 1 week ago

I use the Freedom Fairies website for questions like these:
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 and Desdemona wrote3 months, 1 week ago

In my opinion you are way too low a level to worry about fairytales as they require a lot of pink diamonds which I am sure you do not yet have nearly enough of.

At the lower corner of your garden's page it tells you what you need to grow in order to advance to the next level, cause at the level that you are, you only have a few available seeds to use for quests (and other stuff). You can use that for a very early guide to get started.

You have already attracted 4 water dragons to your garden, the reason it is no longer visiting is because you have harvested your Fairyland Agaric Mushroom.  If that is the only mushroom you have unlocked, that is the only way you can get the water dragon to visit again, when that mushroom becomes ready for harvest. If you want more to visit, simply don't harvest the mushroom and just keep attracting the water dragon.

The poles are part of the quests, and can be painted once a threshold is reached. To paint the first section of your mamal pole you need to have 150 scrolls. (You still need 142 scrolls) Once you have enough, place the pole to your garden and click the "Paint it" link when you put your mouse over it.
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 and Wesley Gadget And Camilla's Patch wrote3 months, 1 week ago

Roxanne I did the first pig very early on it only costs 5 pinks for the pot and if Judy should find a ft seed ( those ones for spotting a first ).I think is quite a good start for doing ft later .especially as the guide here is helpful..
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 and Fire Fly wrote3 months, 1 week ago

Oh, thank you all so much. I found a group also. I will use a few post it notes and jot these down. Again, thank you. I'll keep trucking along :)
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