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 and Aine wrote3 months ago

What is the best set up for badgers please. Ive got my herb nearly fully grown, but will i need anything else please.
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 and Dawn's Delight~NDMP ADMIN~ wrote3 months ago

1 RFH Luna Serena
1 RFH Sundragon Herb
1 FG Bellis Lycaena (Must be Blue or Yellow)
1 RFH Rosa Amora
2 Low Tables with Veggies
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 and Cobweb wrote3 months ago

If you are able to use a supershroom, the setup which Patricia gave is ideal. 

However, as it only gives you one attractant plant,  so has a very weak attraction for the (rare) badger, it won't be very effective if you use an ordinary mushroom - you'll get mainly dragons.  In that case you are usually better having more Lunas, no deterrents, and putting up with the hedgehogs.

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