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How many players play fairyland?
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 and Bunny wrote2 weeks ago

Hello, anyone tell me how many people still play fairyland. I love this game, and play at my leisure.
I tried the new nature quest, and found it way too confusing.

Does anything think Fairyland will end?  I surely hope not..
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 and Dєร๔є๓๏ภค wrote1 week, 6 days ago

Mike has said plenty of times that both games will exist harmoniously, he'll just not push as many updates on fairyland- or as often since players have voiced their dissatisfaction over "large" updates. (To sum up his latest replies)

But about how many people still play, I don't think anyone knows that other than Mike.
It does say on Facebook if you search the app "18K monthly active users" but I have no idea how accurate those app ratings are on Facebook.
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 and Bunny wrote1 week, 6 days ago

Thank you for your answer... I truly hope Fairyland lives forever... maybe I should try nature quest again..
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 and Fae Whispering Waters - FFU wrote1 week, 2 days ago

What's Nature Quest?
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 and Cobweb wrote1 week, 2 days ago

Mike's new game (Mike is the developer of Fairyland).
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 and Bella B Is Now Legendary! 5-12-2018 wrote6 days, 17 hours ago

Nature Quest was too confusing to me too! I like Fairyland so much more!
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 and The Fairy Of Dreams wrote6 days, 14 hours ago

I liked the new game , however, I need to choose only one , as it is usually more fun to buy playing gold. So, for now, I am staying with this one. Goodness! I need to sleep,  clean my house, and cook, too! Lol. Oh, and spend time with local friends, and family!  Lol. But, Mike, you did well. Actually, absolutely awesome.  Your games are great fun!
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 and Nocturna wrote3 days, 7 hours ago

Facebook says there are 18,000 active Players
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 and Betty wrote6 hours, 18 minutes ago

Nope!  I daren't even look at Nature Quest.  I'll become addicted to it if I do! However, I am annoyed that people have complained about this game which has led to Mike's comments and no big updates.  I don't buy gold and there are some quests I either don't do or I take my time to do as I build my gold supply up.  Why can't others accept this and do likewise rather than spoiling it for others.  Mike - thank you for all you do and I for one, fully appreciate it x
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