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Free Gold - Feeling Better Edition!
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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 and Vienna wrote4 months ago

Hello, I'm back with another Gold gift for you!

This time I've treated myself to some Gold because I've been feeling really unwell lately, but hopefully seem to be improving a little. It makes me happiest to share, so here I am.

Just post a comment and I will gift you 10 Gold ^_^

I will post again if there is no interest or when I can't gift anymore xx
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 and Ƒʅσгα♔Ḡմαɾɗíαɳ ƒαíɾყ✒·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.✉ wrote4 months ago

I am happy you are feeling better sweety ☺
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 and Miruko wrote4 months ago

Hope you will feel better soon :)
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 and Mone wrote4 months ago

Feeling better so glad xx hugs x
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 and Pixie2 wrote4 months ago

Hi get well soon and take care of your self xxx hugs
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 and Sweet wrote4 months ago

Hi Lisa, I hope you are feeling better
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 and Juniper Icefly(UK) wrote4 months ago

Glad you are feeling a little better Lisa xx
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 and Queen Mab-Freedom-Fairy wrote4 months ago

Healing Blessings! -XXX
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 and Sparkles wrote4 months ago

Lo5s of love xx
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 and ˜�️˜ Fairy Griet ( Tasmania) wrote4 months ago

long-term be in good spirits msg to you and ty for your generosity Lisa hun xx
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