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Wildlife Timings

 and Star Sapphire wrote7 months, 1 week ago

Just a quick question, I have noticed people write "Wildlife Due". How do you know this????
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 and Sparkles wrote7 months, 1 week ago

You can't usually know for sure. Each type of food has a maximum gap between feeds: 8 hours on regular, 6 on organic, and 3 on superfood. Each critter has a maximum and minimum staying time, listed in the Wildlife Guide. On superfood, they have to stay their maximum. Using this info, you can tell if a plate if getting close to its maximum gap that something must be coming.

And since critters have to arrive early enough to stay their minimum (maximum on sf) time, you can sometimes work out which wildlife can be coming (e.g. if a garden is only attracting the unicorn with a pink cap, and it goes past 5.05 on organic food, you know it can't be a mouse or a duck coming as they need to stay at least 55 minutes, so it has to be the unicorn. The unicorn only has to stay three minutes on organic, so doesn't have to arrive until 5.57 on the plate).

Most of the time, though, when people say their garden is due they just mean that there's a reasonable chance as there hasn't been a feed for a while, they don't actually know for sure when the critter will arrive.
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 and Star Sapphire wrote7 months, 1 week ago

Thanks Claire for the advice x
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