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trying to find RFH BAMBOO
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 and Kahlan wrote7 months, 1 week ago

help Im really struggling to get bamboo any tips please?
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 and Cobweb wrote7 months, 1 week ago

I assume you don't really mean RFH bamboo, since that doesn't do anything for you - do you mean bamboo food?  You would first need at least one of the bamboo plants in your garden to be fully grown (they are "growing happily" at the moment).  Leave out an empty plate.  Spot black-and-white wildlife in another garden which also has bamboo - you will find some gardens advertised under Giant Panda in the levels 11 - 42 section of the Wildlife Guide.  You don't need many gardens, just bookmark the ones which are currently attracting, and visit as often as you can.  When you spot a Giant Panda in a garden which also has fully grown bamboo, it will drop double organic bamboo food onto your empty plate.  Other black-and-white wildlife will also drop organic food (5 feeds) if there's a fully grown bamboo plant in the garden.

But your first step is to make sure one of your bamboo plants is fully grown, because without that you won't get the food dropped.
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 and Y wrote7 months, 1 week ago

good tips tracey    - #I hve been trying for ages now and no luck getting bamboo... and its so expensive to plant the bamboo .. i have only  managed to find one lot of bamboo... so annoying
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