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Level 1 Rainbow Fish
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 and Britt wrote1 year ago

I am just starting the rainbow of fish. I am on attracting the Watery Seadragon. Is it set up okay? Is there a way to deter the Mermaid once the garden is underwater and still get the myths I need?
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 and Little (FFU) wrote1 year ago

You are setup correctly for the watery seadragon. There's nothing you can do to deter the mermaid right now because she's only deterred by the FG supershroom and you can't have more than one mushroom at one time. Once the watery seadragon has planted the red pondweed, you can harvest the Fairyland Agaric Mushroom and plant a supershroom. That will help when attracting the red snapper. Remember to check the Wildlife guide to see which forest seeds to use to deter the guppy.
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 and Britt wrote1 year ago

Thank you.
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