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Free diamonds
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 and Pawsy wrote1 year ago

I have lots of diamonds, if anyone would like a sprinkle, please message on my back wall, and during today I will pop by x
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 and Hell's Bells wrote1 year ago

How very generous of you to offer sprinklings ❤
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 and Kiki wrote1 year ago

How can I give diamonds or gold to someone else
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 and Cobweb wrote1 year ago

You can only send gold if you have purchased gold for real money some time during the last six months, and you can only gift it up to the value you have bought.

You can only send diamonds to lower garden levels than your own, unless you have purchased gold in the past six months, which allows you to sprinkle all levels.

If you are able to send dusts, you'd buy the dusts first from the shop, then go to the back wall of the person you want to sprinkle.  Use the little "Sprinkle Gold" or "Sprinkle Diamonds" icons towards the top.  Each sprinkle costs 6 gold or 6 diamonds, and gives the person receiving it 5.

Be aware though that we aren't allowed to ask for trades or beg for gold/diamonds on the forums.
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 and Kiki wrote1 year ago

Thank you
Maybe I ll see if the garden is lower or buy sth
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