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Fairyland Peace Day 2018
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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 and SherSparkles wrote1 year ago

The planning team is starting to get ready for Fairyland Peace Day this year. It will be on Feb 24th starting UK midnight to UK midnight. Everyone is welcome to join in that day. If any fan groups would like to take part can you please contact me on my backwall by Feb 9th so we can get the graphics ready for the garden pictures.

If you are not a member of a fan group or a private garden you can also join in that day by placing a Peace day sign in your gardens and just let me know on my backwall so your name will go in for a 100 Gold Draw and some jewelry pieces donated by Reptides.

We hope to see many players take part this year. This is an event hosted by players for all players to enjoy.

Thank you
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 and Pelico wrote1 year ago

Riptides gift shop once again are very happy to provide the prizes!~!~
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 and Gnomeo wrote1 year ago

Thank you Sharon & Peter for always being there & providing such fun!
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 and Cassie wrote1 year ago

ty ty hugs hugs hugs Peter so lovely to offer the jewelry  3
ty ty hugs hugs hugs Sharon for all the work you do to create such fun times
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 and Begonia wrote1 year ago

Looking forward to it.
I always think of FL Peace day as Fairyland's own national holiday.
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 and Goblinshimmer wrote1 year ago

Thank you Sharon and Peter :-)
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 and Dawn's Delight wrote1 year ago

Its going to be so much fun!
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 and HARRY POTTER VII , ALERT 10 Min wrote1 year ago

Yes yes peace  world wide,
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 and Yesitspossible Is Going Kinky For A While wrote1 year ago

Thank you !  It's really fun ...   and still also hope for peace world wide...
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 and FƛȊƦƳƝƲFF (FFG Admin) wrote1 year ago

Looking forward to it Sharon
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