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Short Guide to the Venus Flytrap and Flies (updated 23/10/17)
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Tracey and Cobweb5 years, 1 month ago


The Venus Flytrap is a seasonal gift, available during October, which consists of a “plant” with five mouths.  When you first accept the gift or buy one to place in your garden, the mouths are all open, and all red.  Your aim is to change the mouths through the colours of the rainbow one colour at a time, by attracting and spotting flies.

Once the Flytrap is in your garden, there is a Help link when you hover your mouse over it.   This gives you the basic outline of how the flies work, and you can refer to it at any time until the Flytrap is complete.


Hover your mouse over the Flytrap in your garden, and towards the top of the information box you will see two headings:

Currently Trapped
Currently Awaiting

The CURRENTLY AWAITING list shows which colours of fly you are currently attracting.  To begin with, these will all be red, as the red mouth only attracts red flies.  When a fly is spotted in your garden, that colour of mouth will close and the fly is “trapped”.  It will then show under the heading Currently Trapped.

To attract the flies, you will need to put out Wild Berries.  The flies can come to either table, but high tables are usually best as it eliminates competition from the white and pygmy mice.  If you are using a Supershroom, it doesn’t matter which tables you use, but the flies are easy enough to attract without a mushroom at all.

The CURRENTLY TRAPPED list shows which colours of fly you need to release in order to move to the next colour.  To release the fly once it is trapped, you have to spot that same colour of fly in another garden.  Spotting the correct colour of fly in another garden opens the same colour of mouth, and changes it to the next colour along.  All colours of flies give alerts, so you will know which colour is coming when you are hunting for flies.

So for example, when you start with all red mouths and attract a red fly to your garden, one of the five red mouths will close and “trap” the red fly inside.  When you then spot a red fly in another garden, the mouth containing the trapped red fly will open, and will change to orange.

Each colour of mouth attracts its own colour of fly plus the colour below.  So when your mouth has changed to orange, it will still attract red flies but these will not close the orange mouth.  When you attract an orange fly, the mouth will close and you will release it by spotting an orange fly in another garden to change the mouth to yellow.  You then proceed in the same way for all five mouths of the trap.  The order of change is rainbow order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Each mouth of the trap works independently so you can be working on changing all five mouths at the same time.  You will always be able to see what you need to spot and attract by checking the “Currently Trapped” and “Currently Awaiting” lists – the “Currently Trapped” list shows you which colours you need to spot in other gardens, and the “Currently Awaiting” list shows which colours you need to have spotted in your garden to “trap” the fly.

Once you have worked through all of the colours of one of the mouths and released the violet fly, the mouth will change to rainbow.   This stage is slightly different, since you cannot attract rainbow flies until all five mouths have been changed to rainbow.  Until all five mouths are changed to rainbow, the rainbow mouth attracts only violet flies.

Once all five mouths have been changed to rainbow, your Flytrap will attract rainbow flies.  As they are spotted in your garden, the mouths will close, and the Flytrap is complete once all five rainbow flies are trapped.    Unlike the other colours of fly, the rainbow flies are not released by spotting rainbow flies in other gardens; the mouths remain closed.  At this point, the Flytrap attracts all colours of fly, including rainbows, and the task is complete.  A complete Flytrap can be distinguished from an incomplete Flytrap as it has a rainbow-coloured stem.

You can harvest the Flytrap if you like, and it will save 20 square feet of rainforest.   You may, however, prefer to keep it to continue to attract Flies.   It can be stored on your storage shelves at any stage, and brought out into your garden at any time.

Chuck and Zσmb5 years, 1 month ago

If I spot a needed fly while I am underwater, will that fly be released from its trap?

Tracey and Cobweb5 years, 1 month ago


Chuck and Zσmb5 years, 1 month ago

Thanks Tracey

Sandra and PolkaDot Thistledown5 years ago

I have a Venus with 3 Rainbows trapped and 2 Rainbows waiting.  Once 2 more Rainbows are found in my garden, I can then attract any color of fly? 

Tracey and Cobweb5 years ago


Sandra and PolkaDot Thistledown5 years ago

Thank you Tracey.....a very helpful guide.

Ray and Fae-Rae 4 years, 3 months ago

Trying to remember,( as I harvested my original rainbow flytrap, now wishing I hadn't!), when only one mouth becomes rainbow will it only attract rainbow flies at that stage ? 

 and Playful Pagan Crone4 years, 1 month ago

When I'm hunting flies in other people's gardens, do the ones with all 5 mouths closed still attract flies which I can then spot?

Christy and Zowina4 years, 1 month ago

Can I buy pink diamonds somewhere or can I only earn them to buy fruits?
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