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NEW Self Gifting Method For Seasonal/Limited Editions
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Amanda and œ♥Ʈɨǵεя ɭiℓy♥ ™ Ʈђє Kєηtiṡђ ƒaεяiε6 years, 11 months ago

The easiest way to self gift is to accept a gift you have already and change the gift code in the URL using the codes below:

Remember these will only work while in season!

5000 Christmas Tree (2012)
5001 Pink Ribbon Plant
5002 Halloween Plant
5003 Poppy
5004 Poinsettia
5005 New Years Flower
5007 Scarecrow
5008 Nesting Tree
5009 Snowman
5010 Christmas Tree (prior 2012)
5011 Ice Flower
5012 Loveflower
5013 First Flower of Spring
5014 Earth Flower for Earth Hour
5015 Daffodil
5016 Earth Flower for Earth Day
5017 Shamrock
5019 Sunflower
5020 Gemini
5021 Cancer
5022 Leo
5023 Virgo
5024 Libra
5025 Scorpio
5026 Sagittarius
5027 Capricorn
5028 Aquarius
5029 Pisces
5030 Aries
5031 Taurus
5200 Mothers Day Bouquet
5201 Beehive
5040 Pumpkin
5042 Venus Flytrap

Here are some gifts that we have specific links for:














Amanda and œ♥Ʈɨǵεя ɭiℓy♥ ™ Ʈђє Kєηtiṡђ ƒaεяiε6 years, 11 months ago

Hopefully this list is now correct and up to date

 and Jax6 years, 11 months ago

Ok - what am I doing wrong.  Trying to get a virgo pot and they havent been gone for 7 days.  Anyone have step by step instructions?

Tracey and Cobweb6 years, 11 months ago

Virgo was the one before last, August 23rd to September 22nd, so has been gone from the shop for over a month.  So it's expired.

Natalie and Johnny6 years, 11 months ago


 and Bill **Bloom County** NDMP6 years, 11 months ago

"The easiest way to self gift is to accept a gift you have already and change the gift code in the URL using the codes below:"

Unfortunately, that NEVER works for me.  Can anyone explain why replacing the gift codes in the URL works for a some people, and not for others?   Also, for those that it works for, can you please list what OS you are using.  I wonder if that has something to do with this.  I've been using Windows for years, and even if I have a new pc or laptop with updated OS and follow these instruction, I can never self-gift using these codes.  My guess is those who use a Mac have no issue.  Paste and go using the links are no problem, however. 

I wish FL would create these codes into links so to make things easier on folks whose OS are not compatible with using their codes.   I have to message a ton of people otherwise to send me Venus Fly Traps for a second year.  :( 

Tracey and Cobweb6 years, 11 months ago

It only works if you have friends who play, and whose gardens are active.  That's the only reason that it would work for some but not for others - assuming that you are changing the correct part of the URL when you replace the one four-digit code with the other.  If you accept a gift from someone whose garden is frozen, you won't get it.

It will also only work where the gifts are currently available, not when they have expired.

As far as I know, it has nothing to do with which device you are using - I do not use a MAC, I use Windows on a desktop PC, and I have always been able to use this method.  The URL is the same whichever device you use, so you should be able to create the URL for the gift in the same way, and have it work, regardless of which device you are on.

 and Bill **Bloom County** NDMP6 years, 11 months ago

Thank, Tracey.  The friends who gift me, play and their gardens are active, and not frozen.  I am changing the correct part of the URL...the only part with the four digit code.  Also, the gifts I am accepting are also available, like the scorpion zodiac.  I have experimented accepting it both from my gift menu, and after placing it in that holding box under the garden. 

If this has nothing to do with the OS we use, I do hope someone can shed some light on the issue why some people are able to use this method, and others are not.

Rachel and Sparkles6 years, 11 months ago

Where the gift goes doesn't make any difference either, Caroline. 

When you accept a gift (any gift), copy the URL at the top of the page as soon as your garden loads.

It will look something like this:

(That is the URL from MY garden and will only work for my garden.  Yours will be different, but it will look similar.)

Paste the URL into a document or anywhere you like, so that you can save it to use later.

The number after "plantgift&gtid=" is the gift code.  In this case, the URL says "5042" because I accepted a flytrap to get it. 

If I want a scorpio zodiac, I need to change "5042" (the gift code for the flytrap) to "5025" (the gift code for the scorpio).

I can then copy the link again and paste it back into my browser.  This will give me the link for the scorpio plant:

(Note that the only difference between the 2 links is the difference in the gift code.  Again, however, this URL will only work for me -- everyone else will see something a bit different because this contains my garden number as well as the identifying info for one of my friends.)

This method should work for everyone who, as Tracey noted, has at least one friend and that friend is not frozen.

 and Bill **Bloom County** NDMP6 years, 11 months ago

Thanks Rachel.   I decided to use Wordpad for it, and it's giving me no problem.  I tried to do this about a dozen times before, and it never worked for me.  Not sure what I missed.   :P   thx..
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